Null (Archie)

Null in the Archie comics

Null is a major antagonist the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics there have been two versions of Null the Null in the Archie Comics is male while the IDW comics Null is female in both versions Null is the head of the Null Group and a demon in the series.Null was the darkest villain in the archie comics infamouly responible for the deaths of the Mighty Mutanimals.Null replaced shredder in the Archie comics as main villain while the IDW version was the villain of the Mighty mutanimals Mirco mini-series.


Null (IDW)

Null in the IDW comics.

A buisnessman wearing a blue suit Null was responible for the death of the Mighty Mutanimals when he hired a group of Cyborgs killing them.The death was gorey and contrversal but he was also responbile for the three part story arc the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Null seems to be the leader of the group as he order death around to do his bidding. He was the most dangerous adversary to the Turtles second only to the Shredder himself. Null seems to be linked to Hell orginally appearing as a human he sooned turned into a demonic being and contorlled the Other Horseman like his puppets.He later teams up with Maligna to destroy the earth but his plans where thwarted by the Turtles and his current whearbouts are unknown.

In the IDW comcis Null was female and still the head of Null group. There she was the main villain of the Mighty Mutanimals mini-series. There Null was still a demon but is more pragamic than her archie version.She had captured the Mutanimals for ther buisness profit and created some o f the mutants such as Mutagen Man,Sally Pride,Man-Ray,Zodi,and Dreadmon. She creates mutant hybrids for Profit and is highlty durable and similair abilites like her archie counterpart.In the end of the mirco series Old Hob convinces her to let go of his group as it would be bad for her buisness and in exchange gave her the techonlogy of Baxter Stockman.


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