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Null the Living Darkness

Null -- The Living Darkness!
~ Null introducing himself.

Null The Living Darkness (simply known as Null) is a demonic creature from the Marvel comics and an enemy of the Ghost Rider and the Defenders.


Null the Living Darkness was birthed from the collective unconscious of the ancient S'raphh race. The S'raphh had lived on Earth's moon millennia before, and had been unable to find the meaning of life. After committing collective suicide, the race's unconscious desired revenge on creation. Null was sent forth to battle all creation in their name. Null the Living Darkness is an amorphous being capable of inter-dimensional travel. He is able to draw on the power of other's consciousnesses, and grows more powerful as he does so. Null is capable of mind control, raising the dead to serve as his personal army, drawing spirits back to Earth, creating biological constructs to house himself, enlarging a being from microscopic to normal size or back, creating illusions, and causing nightmares in the human mind. He grows more powerful the longer he lives.

Powers and Abilities

Null the Living Darkness in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Null is a mystical life-form created over the ages from the collective unconscious of the 500,000 members of the extinct S'Raphh race, and as such has an almost unlimited ability to manipulate the forces of magic. Null normally has no corporeal form, and usually takes the form of a multi-eyed, multi-tentacled cloud of an unknown purple gaseous substance. Its intelligence is immeasurable, and it has incredible stamina and durability. Null has the ability to manipulate the forces of magic for a wide variety of effects, including physical malleability, intangibility, levitation, inter-dimensional teleportation, restoration of spirits to the physical plane, reanimation and control of corpses, possession of the bodies of physical beings, telepathy, illusion-casting, and the ability to project powerful psychokinetic concussion blasts.

Null is vulnerable to the mystic energies controlled by certain beings, such as the Gargoyle and Ghost Rider.


Kyle Richmond, Over-Mind, Adam Henderson

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