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Witch of the Stagnant Sea Numajo is a general of the Dark Empire Yodonheim and a major antagonist in Mashin Sentai Kiramager. She is a powerful witch who is responsible for the death of Queen Mabayuine after she placed a curse on  King Oradin. She is also the elder sister of Minjo.

She is voiced by Naoka Kouda.


In the past, Numajo schemed to place a curse on the entire kingdom of Crystalia. As she was having a tea party to celebrate her promotion to Yodon Army Commander, King Oradin, Queen Mabuyaine and their adopted son Takamichi traveled to the dark realm of Yodonheim to stop her.

While Numajo was waiting for her younger sister Minjo to show up, using the Reversia Kanaema Stone, Juru Atsuta traveled back in time to right before Numajo's battle with King Oradin in order to obtain a sample of her venom from a cup she was drinking from so Muryou Hakaminami could synthesize a cure from it. He first attempted to snatch the cup from afar but Numajo took notice and stopped him. Realizing that Kiramai Red was a Kiramager, Numajo engaged him in battle. Despite his best efforts, KiramaiRed was unable to hold his ground against Numajo's overwhelming power. However, he was able to trick Numajo into spraying his sword with her venom, giving him a sample to take back to the present.

Numajo summoned Bechats to battle Mabuyaine and Takamichi while she took on Oradin, using her corrosive venom to curse the Aqua Kiramai Stone so it couldn't be used. During the fight, Numajo's younger sister Minjo appeared to ambush King Oradin from behind. Despite this, Oradin managed to defeat and vanquish Numajo. Before she died, however, Numajo placed a curse on Oradin that would cause the woman he loved most, his wife Queen Mabuyaine, to fall ill when the Yodonheim crest appeared in her eye and to crumble to dust seven days later.

Following the Queen's death, the curse was passed on to Oradin and Mabuyaine's daughter, Princess Mabushina. Hoping to save his sister, the adopted prince of the Crystalia Kingdom, Takamichi Crystalia, set out to gather the 4 Kanaema Stones to lift the curse.

Numajo's head was later used by Yodonna to infect KiramaiBlue with poison. KiramaiBlue was cured when he and Yellow destroyed the head.



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