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Garbage like you... who ruins people's dreams... I'll make sure you get what's coming to you!
~ Number 6 upon facing Koichi Haimawari.

Number 6, also known as the Scarred Man and by the alias Rokuro Nomura, is the main antagonist of the 2016 Japanese superhero My Hero Academia spin-off manga series My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. He acted as the minor final antagonist of the Queen Bee Arc, and the main antagonist of the Osaka Incident Arc, the Sky Egg Arc, and the Final Performance Arc.

Number 6 was an operative for the Villain Factory, a secretive criminal organization dedicated to sowing discord through the use of quirk-enhancing drugs and artificially-modified test subjects. Number 6 personally used the creations of the Factory to make several attacks on the Naruhata district of Tokyo. However, his ultimate goal seemingly had nothing to do with the success of the Villain Factory. Instead Number 6 sought to take over the mantle of High-Speed Hero: O'Clock and become the greatest hero the world had ever seen.


Number 6 was a fairly young man with an athletic build and facial features that were difficult to make out most of the time. However, one defined feature of 6's face was a long scar that travelled diagonally across his face and over his nose. The scar was the reason he earned the epithet of the "Scarred Man" and was also self-inflicted as a way for Number 6 to pay homage to his idol O'Clock. His face was usually transfixed into a perpetual smile and his thin black hair was swept back and tied neatly into a ponytail at the bottom of his head using a brown hairband.

Number 6 commonly wore clothing that gave the impression of a menial worker as he often went undercover as a delivery man or something of the sort. As Rokuro Nomura, he wore a suit consisting of trousers, a white dress shirt, a black waistcoat, a blazer, and a tie. Rock's hero costume consisted of a trench coat, a fedora, and a dark slim-fitting full bodysuit with fingerless gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and knee pads. When assuming the identity of O'Clock II rather than Rock, the Scarred Man would discard the fedora and trench coat and put a domino mask over his eyes.


Little is known about the history of the man known only as Number 6, even to himself. The world he lived in was a superhuman society where eighty percent of the world's population had superpowers referred to as quirks. In order to ensure that the abuse of said powers would not cause society to crumble, the governments of the world including Japan passed a law that made it illegal to use quirks in public. There was however an exception to this rule—professional heroes. Heroes were individuals who protected society from evil-doers known as villains and as such were able to freely use their quirks in pursuit of justice upon obtaining a hero license.

Number 6 watching footage of the hero O'Clock during his formative years.

During his formative years, Number 6 had a physical appearance reminiscent of a potato with stubbly arms and legs. He was allegedly created and raised by an enigmatic criminal organization known to authorities as the Villain Factory. The Factory artificially enhanced his body to improve his combat effectiveness and mental capacity, bestowing him with an immunity to pain, regenerative healing factor, and the ability to increase his own muscle mass.

At some point, Number 6 began idolizing the High-Speed Hero: O'Clock. O'Clock was a professional Japanese hero who had the power to move at extreme speeds using his quirk Overclock. However, the truth of the quirk was that it accelerated the perception and thoughts of its user relative to everything else, allowing them to perceive and act as if the world around them was in slow motion. The reason 6 was so inspired by the hero was because unlike Japan's greatest hero All Might, O'Clock's relative obscurity allowed him personal freedom while still easily overpowering practically every foe he faced with his potent quirk. Number 6 would spend most of his formative time watching old videos of the High-Speed Hero.

Eventually, O'Clock had his quirk stolen and his face scarred by the legendary villain All For One, effectively forcing him into early retirement. With the defeat of his idol, Number 6 decided that he would take up the mantle of O'Clock and become an even greater hero than his "master" O'Clock had ever been, despite not having a particular interest in helping people. To show his respect for the defeated hero, Number 6 gave himself a scar across his face to match O'Clock's, a feature that would later earn him the epithet of the "Scarred Man."

The Overclock quirk was eventually transferred to Number 6 by All For One for currently unknown reasons. Naturally, the Scarred Man quickly began training with his quirk so that he could be better with the power than his "master" had ever been. O'Clock would go on to become a licenseless vigilante by the name of Knuckleduster who practiced brutal and illegal justice upon his foes despite not having a quirk. Ironically, Knuckleduster's primary goal was to unmask and put a stop to the Villain Factory that Number 6 was affiliated with.

Powers & Abilities

  • Body Modifications: At some point in the past, Number 6 was extensively modified by members of the Villain Factory to improve his combat effectiveness and mental capacity.
    • Muscle Mass Enhancement: Similarly to Muscular but on a smaller scale, one of Number 6's enhancements allowed him to increase the muscle mass of his body, potentially creating inhumanly large muscles with impressive power behind them. The force of his muscles bulking up was enough to rip through clothing. The superhuman strength provided by his pulsing muscles allowed him to lift heavy objects or people with ease.
    • Pain Immunity: One of the Scarred Man's modifications ensured that he felt no physical pain when his body was damaged and therefore could not be paralyzed by pain in the event that he was badly wounded. That being said, his body would still fail to operate if his limbs or other vital parts of his body were destroyed.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: One of Number 6's enhancements allowed him to rapidly regenerate damaged or lost tissue. His healing factor allowed him to regrow lost limbs and survive wounds that would ordinarily be fatal to a person. He has survived a shotgun wound to the chest, being consumed by the flames of Endeavor's Hellfire quirk, and using himself as a suicide bomb. Additionally, Number 6 could use his Overclock quirk to increase the rate of recovery exponentially. That being said, the Scarred Man would fail to regenerate if a wound that would instantly kill him was inflicted, such as a gunshot to the head that would destroy brain activity instantly.
  • Self-Detonation: Since the attack on the Sky Egg, Number 6 has had his body infested by bomber cells, the genetic material that the artificially-created Bombers were constructed from. The Scarred Man was able to command these cells, meaning he could activate the power of the Self-Detonation quirk that was contained within all Bombers and their cells. By enveloping parts of his body with the cells, Number 6 could cause a powerful detonation that would destroy his target along with the bomber cells and cause damage to his body. However, with the combination of his Overclock quirk and his regenerative abilities, Number 6 could swiftly repair any damage done to himself and reproduce lost bomber cells.


List of Appearances

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes
  • Chapter 26: Tamao (First appearance)
  • Chapter 30: Cooperation Request
  • Chapter 33: Stumbling into Nasty Business!
  • Chapter 34: Crabtastic Rampage!
  • Chapter 35: Blown-Up Hero?! See Ya Later!
  • Chapter 38: High-Speed
  • Chapter 41: Ultimate Move!
  • Chapter 44: One Outrageous Traveller
  • Chapter 45: The Man Returns (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Chapter 46: Christmas Eve Hero
  • Chapter 47: Farewell Party! (Appears in imagination)
  • Chapter 49: Zero Hour
  • Chapter 50: Defend the Tower!
  • Chapter 51: I Do What I Can
  • Chapter 53: Limits and Catastrophe
  • Chapter 54: Hotline
  • Chapter 55: This Is a Hero!!
  • Chapter 56: I'm No Hero
  • Chapter 57: Explosive Man
  • Chapter 58: International Flight Home (Appears in imagination)
  • Chapter 67: Authentic, International, Spicy Curry
  • Chapter 69: A Hero Appears
  • Chapter 70: My True Self
  • Chapter 71: Thanks For Your Guidance
  • Chapter 72: Searching For You
  • Chapter 73: The Queen Descends
  • Chapter 77: Strategy
  • Chapter 78: Dispatch
  • Chapter 79: Inferno Dispatch 2
  • Chapter 80: Who Is It?
  • Chapter 81: Bee My Pop
  • Chapter 82: High-Speed Hero II (First identified as O'Clock II)
  • Chapter 83: Raging Inferno
  • Chapter 84: Dreams
  • Chapter 85: Inquires (Appears in flashback(s))


  • Number 6's primary pseudonym "Rokuro Nomura" contains the word "Roku" which means six in Japanese, clearly paying homage to the character's only known name. Additionally, the word "Nomu" contained in the surname is likely referencing the Nomu created by Dr. Daruma Ujiko of the League of Villains. In fact, the referencing of the Nomu may imply a connection between Number 6 and the creatures, as both were artificially modified to possess multiple superhuman abilities.
  • When activating the Self-Detonation quirk using the bomber cells in his body, Number 6's knuckles begin glowing in a way that is visually reminiscent of the Marvel Comics supervillain Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet.
  • Number 6 shares several similarities with the DC Comics supervillain Professor Zoom. Both are able to perceive the world with accelerated perception, both are able to move at superhuman speeds, both previously idolized their respective heroes (Barry Allen for Zoom and O'Clock for Number 6) before turning villainous in their pursuit to become a hero and both have engineered conflicts so that they themselves could resolve them in an attempt to give the impression that they were heroes.

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