Number Two is the main antagonist in the film Meet Dave.

He is portrayed by Ed Helms who also portrayed Andy Bernard in The Office, Brad Gurdlinger in We're the Millers, The Once-Ler in The Lorax, and Benjamin Krupp in Captain Underpants.


He is the Captain's second in command of a spaceship resembling a human which greatly resembles the likeness of the Captain (Eddie Murphy). He, the Captain and the rest of the crew are aliens hailing from the planet Nil and are about one inch tall. Their mission on Earth is to drain its ocean with an orb providing energy to their crisis-stricken planet.

The Captain, upon arrival initiated first contact with humans, Gina and Josh Morrison and became good friends with the two thus according to Number Two, has delayed the completion of their mission. Number Two also believes that it is useless to cooperate with these "giant creatures". Number Two organized a coup within the ship, seizing control of the ship. Dave Ming-Chang, the ship, became hostile to the humans. The Captain regained control of the ship and apologizes to the humans for the disturbance made. The Captain didn't want to sacrifice the populace of the Earth for their planet's salvation.

Dave Ming-Chang bid goodbye to Josh, Gina and the humans and began to take off but was then halted when National Security arrived and fired a net on the ship. The Captain and the rest of the crew managed to escape through the ship's "shoe" serving as an escape pod. Number Two remained on Earth and was stuck in Dave Ming-Chang's "butt".

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