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Come, Kain... Come share my pain!
~ Nupraptor

Nupraptor is one of the main villains from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.


Nupraptor was the guardian of the Pillar of Mind. This gave him incredible psychic powers, which also made his head become bulbous. He was the lover of Ariel, guardian of Pillar of Balance. One day, Ariel was mysteriously murdered. When Nupraptor finds her dead body, he goes insane and sends a powerful shockwave that corrupts all of the members of the Circle, making them go insane like him. He then retires himself to his retreat, where he grieves for the loss of his beloved, sewing his mouth and eyes to close himself to the outside world.

The necromancer Mortanius, guardian of the Pillar of Death, who was the one who killed Ariel while under the influence of The Dark Entity, ordered the death of the nobleman Kain and resurrected him as a vampire. After Kain takes his revenge on his murderers, Mortanius guides him after the Pillars of Nosgoth, where he finds the ghost of Ariel. She explains that if he wants to be released of his vampiric curse, he would need to find and kill all members of the Circle. She then guides him to go after Nupraptor first, since he was the source of the corruption of the Circle.

Kain travel to the Nupraptor's Retreat, but the mentalist notices that Kain invaded his place, demanding Kain to leave him alone. Kain traverses the place and finds Nupraptor, along with Malek, who came to protect him, but Nupraptor dismisses him, deciding to fight Kain. Kain fights Nupraptor and slay him, putting and end to his suffering.


Nupraptor is a Mind guardian; They were charged with reigning over the limitless power of thought, consciousness, and emotion.


Ability to be hypersensitive to peoples' emotions and thoughts: Basicaly be able to know thoughts peoples and be able to feel his emotions.

Telepathy: Can commune with peoples only with his mind.

Telekinesis: Able to move/manipulate objects with the mind.Can move multiple objects in differents directions.

Illusion creation: The guardian has the ability to create illusions.the types that has shown are: create copyes of himself and create spheres physics,and likely can create much more.The illusions make real damage with his strikes and abiilities.



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