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Nyancy Chan is an antagonist in Ben 10: Omniverse. She is a female human/cat hybrid with the ability of control over feline species.


Nyancy is shown to be a human Asian girl with black-purple hair with in the style of a long ponytail with a pink bow on her head that resembles cats ears, two purple lines on her face that resemble whiskers and wears glasses. She also sports a white and light purple dress with pink tights and light purple sneakers with a cat bell on her neck. She also wears cat paws-like gloves.


She is very obsessed with cats. She is very affectionate towards felines, doing this to help charm Rook (which fails) and Rath (which succeeds), and is prone to giving baby talk to felines while also telling them to be as viscous as possible when in battle, showing a surprising amount of blood lust for a goofy villain. she is also very childish, as she acts like a child with her pets whenever she's on the screen, and acts very much like a cat, doing cat-related crimes such as stealing giant balls of Yarn or getting a giant fish, making her akin to the 1960's Catwoman.

She also has signs of being a coward, as she gives up once she finds out Rook can't be controlled in "Tummy Trouble" and hides in her giant yarn ball when Ben turns into Blitzwolfer in "Catfight". 

Powers and Abilities

  • She can hypnotize cats or anything cat-like to do her bidding.


  • She can't fully control sapient cat-like beings, as shown with Rook, but can still control aliens that are more cat than man, as shown with, Rath. However, Rath's dim-witted personality made him volatile.
  • Her powers have no effect on canine-like aliens such as Blitzwolfer.


  • Her name comes from the word Nyan (the Japanese onomatopoeic equivalent of Meow).
  • She has a tendency to purr and meow whilst talking and hypnotizing cats.
  • Having a gimmick-themed robbery is akin to the 1960's Batman Villains, as they always focused a crime around their gimmick, and her cat-themed crimes make her very similar to Catwoman in that era, especially with using tigers as henchmen at one point.


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