Nykwana Wombosi is a major antagonist in The Bourne Identity.

He is portrayed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.


A deposed Nigerian dictator, Wombosi was threatening to cause the CIA problems by revealing information regarding the United States involvement in Africa. Alexander Conklin, head of Treadstone ordered Jason Bourne to eliminate Wombosi so that the only plausible explanation would be that one of Wombosi's own men was to blame. On Wombosi's private yacht, Bourne proceeds with the plan and soon has a Laser sighted Glock 19 aimed, point blank rang at Wombosi's skull, but when he discovers Wombosi sleeping with his children in the same room he has an attack of conscience and turns around and leaves. While attempting to escape, Bourne is shot in the back twice by Wombosi before falling into the sea. In the game he is supposed to have been shot by an army general and there is a fierce confrontation between the army general and the marines.

Wombosi's death.

Furious at the assassination attempt, Wombosi threatens to the CIA to go public with the information as well as his knowledge of agency activities in Africa unless they restore him to power. In an attempt to throw him off of their trail, Conklin plants a body in a Paris morgue, claiming it to be Wombosi's would-be assassin, but after checking for the gunshot wounds Wombosi knows it isn't the right man. As such, Conklin gives the Professor orders to assassinate Wombosi. The Professor succeeds, shooting Wombosi at his home using his Sig 550 sniper, while Wombosi is in the process of threatening a aide as he's coming down the stairs.

While Bourne is attempting to retrace his footsteps with Marie he finds Wombosi's picture on one of the brochures belonging to the security firm Bourne had visited as John Michael Kane. He deduces that Wombosi knows something but is dismayed when he arrives at Wombosi's residence to find him already dead and his home turned into a crime scene by the Parisian police.


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