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Nyx is a villain in the Vampirella comic book series and the daughter of Chaos.


Nyx was born when the the cult of chaos brings their high priestess Lucrties mated with With Chaos himself giving birth to their daughter nyx who is half human and half demon. Nyx was raised and groomed by the cult of Chaos to follow in her fathers footsteps and was rasied to hate humans despite being half of one. She would also became lovers with hemmorge as her parenter in crime. She would later appear as a enemy of Vampirella in the her first appearance and even killed her lover and even vampirella herself. Nyx would nearly suceed in he rplans until vampirella was revived and defeated her. Since after these events Nyx would cotinue to appear alongside her lover and teams up with the cult of chaos and the Blood Red Queen of Hearts.

Powers and abillties

Nyx as the daughter of characters is one of the most powerful foes Vampirella has ever faced. She has superhuman strength,speed,durality,stamina,and a healing factor. She can also use magic and manipulate people to do her biding.


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