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The O'Driscoll Boys are a major antagonistic organization from the 2018 video game Red Dead Redemption II.

Voice Actors

  • Andrew Berg - Colm O'Driscoll
  • Mac Brydon
  • Billy Hepfinger
  • Bradley Stryker
  • Brent Werzner
  • Corey Patrick
  • Dónall Ó Héalai
  • Hunter Emery
  • James Russell
  • Mark Deklin
  • Olivia Gilliatt
  • Peter Haplin


The O'Driscolls Boys were founded at some point similar to Van Der Linde gang, and both gangs would become allies. However, at some point, the relationship between the two gangs would begin to deteriorate, eventually breaking down when Dutch van der Linde killed Colm O'Driscoll's brother, and Colm, although he never cared much, retaliated by killing Colm O'Driscoll's lover. Dutch, Anabelle. After this, both gangs would form a long rivalry.

The gang committed multiple acts of rape, murder, assault and torture in five states (New Hanover, Ambarino, Lemoyne, West Elizabeth and New Austin). Colm cares little about his men, seeing them more as numbers than people and not even remembering his names, one of the reasons Dutch hates him.

At one point, the O'Driscolls attempt to make a deal with Dutch's gang to end hostilities between them. Dutch agrees and meets with Colm, but it was a setup as they would later kidnap and torture Arthur Morgan, and Colm reveals to Arthur that he plans for Dutch and his gang to rescue him, only for the Pinkertons to ambush and arrest them all. Fortunately, Arthur manages to escape.

At one point, Colm and his gang kidnap and torture Kieran Duffy into revealing the location. Kieran eventually gives in, but Colm hideously murders him, gouges out his eyes, beheads him, and sends his mutilated corpse on horseback to the gang's camp, then orders his men to kill them all. Fortunately, the gang manages to survive.

Soon, Colm is arrested and sentenced to death for all his crimes. Colm relies on his men to rescue him, but Dutch, Arthur, and Sadie herself kill all of the O'Driscoll to make sure Colm is executed. Colm begins to panic and eventually dies by hanging. Later, Arthur and Sadie kill all the remaining O'Driscolls, and Sadie kills the O'Driscoll who had murdered her husband.


  • Despite the O'Driscoll Boys gang being a male only membered gang, one of the voice actors for the gang members (Olivia Gilliatt), is a woman. This could mean there were at one point female members that were cut early in development. Alternatively, Gilliatt may have voiced the escort who was accompanying the O'Driscolls in the Valentine clinic, who would also attack Arthur if he robs their hideout.

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