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O'Yojimbo is a antagonist in Wander Over Yonder. He is a villain who terrorizes the galaxy & is one of Lord Hater's Rivals.


O'Yojimbo resembles a diminutive humanoid alien wearing an all-plaid green or blue ninja outfit with a kilt and a katana.


He first appears in "The It" when he was on the 43rd spot on the leaderboard & he ruled two worlds. Only for Lord Hater to scare him off his land.

In "The Rager", O'Yojimbo somehow managed to conquer nine worlds and moved all the way to the 9th Spot on the leaderboard but eventually fell off it by the end of the episode.

In "My Fair Hatey", O'Yojimbo is one of the many villains imprisoned by Lord Dominator and presumably later escaped offscreen along with the rest of the villains when dominator's ship started to freeze.




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