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O. J. Simpson (Family Guy).jpg

O. J. Simpson is an antagonist from the Family Guy series. He is based on the real-like football player and spokesperson of the same name, who became infamous as result of the murder of Nicole Simpson (his wife) and Ronald Goldman after an affair.

He is voiced by Mike Henry.


In "The Juice is Loose', while looking for his screwdriver to fix the TV, Peter Griffin discover a raffle ticket he won in 1989 that he didn't cash in. The ticket wins him a free golf with O. J. Simpson. After some thinking Peter cashes the ticket but was suggested by his friends to get O. J to confess about the murders. Peter arrives at the golf course and hooks himself with a wire. Simpson discovers the wire when it shorts out and moans on the fact that he lost his chance to escape the accusation.

Peter felt guilty and invited O. J. to stay at his house but the rest of family were reluctant at first. When the word reached town, Peter threw a party and invited everyone to get people to know O. J. like he did. In response, an angry mob led Mayor Adam West arrives and intends on driving him out of town. Simpson makes a heartfelt speech that he is imperfect like everyone else. The citizens of Quahog apologize and cheer for him. However, for no apparent reason OJ pulls out a knife and randomly murders three people before fleeing, everyone but the Griffin's chase him angrily. Peter indifferently declares ''guess he did do it.''

In "And Then There's Fraud", Peter and Chris sold false sports memorabilia. Chris put up for auction, a trophy, which he claimed to be the Heisman Trophy, belonging to O. J. Simpson. O. J. head about this an in an instance of history repeating himself, brutally slaughtered Peter and Chris to steal his trophy back. He also signed Peter's head with an autograph.


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