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The OMENs (real names: Ocular Mechanically Engineered Neutralizers) are the secondary antagonistic faction of 3Below, the second installment in the Tales of Arcadia franchise.

They are an advanced species of blank robots engineered and created by General Morando of the Taylon Phalanx to help him control the planet of Akiridion-5 and all of its inhabitants. After the first OMEN was destroyed by Aja Tarron, Morando created many more to oppress fear on the Akiridions.



Part 1

In Akiridion-5, General Morando creates his first OMEN and sends it to hunt down the Royals. It hitches a ride on Zadra's ship and stalks her, before that ship lands on Earth. It then sends a signal to Morando, who finds out that the Royals have crashed-landed to Earth.

Soon, the OMEN grasps Zeron Alpha, with Morando speaking through it that if he doesn't submit to the OMEN, then he will kill him. Later on, after Morgana unleashes the Eternal Night upon the planet, Mornado uses this time to send the OMEN after the Mothership. The OMEN manages to store the royal cores inside of itself and reprogram it to go back to Akiridion-5 so he could destroy the cores of King Fialkov and Queen Coranda, but Varvatos sacrifices himself to crash the Mothership to save the cores, although he survives.

Following this, the OMEN attacks Aja as she enters the Mothership and tried to kill her, with Morando telling her that if she destroys the OMEN, she will kill the King and Queen, and he also forces the entire planet to watch it on huge displays. However, with Krel's help, Aja is able to shut down the OMEN temporarily and retrieve the cores, and they make a speech about how they will never surrender to Morando. However, it turns back on and tries to self-destructive, so she kills it by kicking it into the Mothership's grinders.

Part 2

Morando creates far more OMENs to help him oppress Akiridion-5. Because of this, Loth Saborian warns the Rebels about what Morando has done. After Morando learns about the existence of Gaylen's Core, he manipulates Colonel Kubritz into helping him find it. Morando goes with his OMENs, and with the help of the video Kubritz showed him about the Eternal Night, he knows that they can drill the surface into Trollmarket, and they do exactly that. Morando is then able to claim Gaylen's Core for himself and use it to become a "god".

It is unknown what happened to the OMENs after Morando's death at the hands of Aja and Krel. It's possible that they were reprogrammed to protect House Tarron, or were destroyed completely.


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