Opa! Opa...
~ Final words before death

OO Oopa is an octopus/flame/Japanese Spring symbol-themed monster and is the main antagonist in episode 18 of 1996 TV series called Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

He is voiced by Toshiya Ueda.


OO Oopa made his first appearance on Earth where he was relaxing in one of the hot springs and he brought along a Nekki beam gun (which is made by Grotch) which when it hits a person he or she will instantly takes off they're clothes and catches cold. Which it will make things a lot easier for the Bowzocks to destroy the Earth.

A while later OO Oopa was at the family farm carrying two buckets until by a little girl who just lied to the adults. He then arrived at the same hotel where the Carrangers are taking their vacations as he gathered some of its hot water for him to use later on in the show until he was spotted by Natsumi.

He then appears at his local research station with Ritchihiker as he converts the hot water into a crystal unknowingly they were then spotted by the same girl as she used her camera, but they notice her presence when she'd broke a twig. So they chased her through the forest. A while later the girl trips as the two monsters catch up to her and we're about to eliminate the girl until Natsumi knocks them back and save girl. However Natsumi has become an unwillingly test subject for this device Ritchihiker wields. As he opens fire on her she sacrificed her morpher to deflect the shot as it hit Dappu instead causing Ritchihiker and Oopa to face palm in embarrassment. After that Natsumi tossed a tree branch at Ritchihiker causing him to let go of the gun as Emi grabs the crystal and makes a run for it out of the forest with Natsumi as they're being chased by OO Oopa and a couple of Wumpers.

A while later he was at the farm still chasing the girls as he used his own ability to set the place on fire. Thankfully he managed to open fire on the girls causing them to let go of the crystal. After that the Wumpers hold the girls down as Oopa was about to grab the crystal until he was then sneaked attack by the arrival of the Carrangers (minus Natsumi). After borrowing the safety pin that Dapp was using to hold the towel in place in order to cover himself she'd fixed her morpher and joins the battle. After that she takes the Nekki beam gun from Oopa and opens fire on him causing to strip and then he was defeated by this finisher called Yellow Knuckle Bomber.

However he then ate a couple of jelly potatoes to enlarge himself prompting the team to bring out the RV Robo to battle him. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Racing Slash.

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