Obadiah Price is a minor, but pivotal, antagonist of the 2012 sci-fi comedy film Men in Black III. He is Boris the Animal's former immate known for creating the time-jump technology that is considered illegal by the MIB.

He was portrayed by Lanny Flaherty.


Obadiah was known for creating the time-jump technology, which became by the MIB due to fear of any criminal who possessed time travel would make attempts to change the course of history and cause cracks and breaks in the timeline. As such, Obadiah was arrested and sentenced to life sentence in the LunarMax Prison.

During Boris's breakout from the prison (with the help from the Weasel and Lilly), it is revealed that Obadiah had a hand in the breakout as he secretly arranged for Lilly to visit the prison and use the Weasel to kill the guards and free Boris in exchange for his freedom. As Boris and Lilly slaughter the guards, Obadiah begged Boris to free him by reminding them of their deal. Boris used his spike to unlock Obadiah's cell and assured that he did remember making the deal, but rather than taking Obadiah with him, Boris instead pelts him with two spikes on the shoulder and on the head, killing him instantly. Lilly would later suffer the same fate as she is jettisoned into outer space along with more guards by Boris.

After returning back to Earth, Boris confronted Obadiah's son Jeffrey into handing over a time-jump device so that he could kill Agent K and rewrite history into letting the Boglodites invade Earth. However, Jeffrey gives Agent K's partner J another time-jump device to stop Boris for good.

This may have altered after the young Agent K killed the past Boris and the Weasel, Obadiah's death did not exist.


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