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Nonsense! Do you know why Icarus plunged to his doom? (Hiro: Because he flew too high.) Because he needed better wings. We have the ability to remake the world, starting with this city! The worthy survive...
~ Obake showing his insanity.
Tragedy has molded us. Intellect has driven us. Now we stand at the doorway to greatness!
~ Obake to Hiro.

Robert "Bob" Aken, or better known as Obake, is the main antagonist of Disney XD animated TV series Big Hero 6: The Series, serving as the main antagonist of the first season and a posthumous antagonist in the second and third seasons. He is a genius former student of the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology-turned supervillain who is obsessed with destroying San Fransokyo in order to rebuild it to be even greater than it was before, while also making Hiro Hamada his student and protégé in the process. He serves as the archenemy of Big Hero 6.

He is voiced by Andrew Scott, who also played Jim Moriarty in Sherlock, and Max Denbigh in Spectre.


Obake is a slender male, who has pale and almost greyish skin, blue eyes and an English accent. His hair is black with a red streak sometimes visible.

When he was young, he wore a black jacket and a turtleneck with a red scarf, black pants and white shoes. He wore two disguises in "Rivalry Weak". The first consisted of a red shirt with a brown hoodie, a black hat, black pants and red scanner glasses; he wore a cowboy hat, glasses, an orange beard, a red scarf, a buttoned-up shirt and black pants for his second disguise.

At times, the left side of his face glows with a purple light from his accident. He can apparently do this at will but is more notable whenever he shows strong emotions, such as excitement or anger.


Bob Aken was once a star student who wanted to change things for the better, but his lack of limitations eventually caused him to try and work on an energy amplifier. But the experiment went horribly wrong and exploded causing Bob to suffer brain damage making him unable to tell the difference between right and wrong.

This accident would gradually transform him into a cold, heartless and insane mastermind. His previous good ideals were twisted into a bad way believing that geniuses should not be held back in using anything. While he still believed that he was doing the best for the world his brain damage meant he didn't care if innocent people got hurt or even killed in the process.

Despite his insanity though Obake almost always spoke in a calm and soft-spoken voice. But despite this, he still manages to be terrifying even to other criminals like Yama. He also was very calculating and patient waiting for long times for his plans to come to fruition and always planning ahead.

Obake also liked to remain in the shadows hidden from the public eye sending hired criminals or his minions to do all his work. While Obake does still sometimes go outside he is often disguised to hide his identity. This is also shown by the fact he uses a supervillain name instead of a real name. It's likely also part of the reason he doesn't do much himself is that he isn't very good at fighting as he never gets into a fight throughout the entire series.

Throughout the years he also developed an obsession for Lenore Shimamoto's scientific career upon finding out she was responsible for the Great Catastrophe of 1906. Though despite his fixation on Shimamoto, he had a low opinion of artistic expression and didn't hesitate to damage her "City Rising" artwork in order to acquire the blueprints beneath it. His obsession also eventually caused him to create his plan to recreate the Great Catastrophe so he can destroy San Fransokyo and recreate it better than before, in his eyes.

Once big Hero 6 disrupted his plans he also developed an obsession with then wanting to defeat them at all costs. He tried getting as many details as possible and becoming upset when his hired criminals failed their missions after facing them. Due to this, he also made alliances with the villains that faced Big Hero 6 in the past. Upon obtaining enough information about the heroes, Obake realized that Hiro Hamada was a lot like him and decided that he wanted Hiro to become his protégé.

But despite Obake's villainy and evil nature, he is not completely heartless. He genuinely believed that his plans were the best thing for the world and in the end, mankind would benefit from his plan. He also treated his minions pretty well even if he is somewhat condescending towards them and he also genuinely cared about his daughter/robot creation Trina and respected Hiro a great deal.

In the end, after Big Hero 6 destroyed his plan once and for all, Obake becomes distraught by the destruction of his work and suffers from a mental breakdown, though he seemed to feel some regret for his actions and choose to die peacefully.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intellect: Obake is a calculating, technological genius with prowess towards machines.
  • Hacking Skills: He is skilled in hacking, as he managed to hack into multiple systems and take control of them. Based on his hideout, it seems Obake can also access the city's surveillance systems, as he learned about the Big Hero 6 when observing them through nearby cameras.
  • Technopathy (possibly): Although not confirmed, it is implied that he may be able to manipulate machines, as he is able to control his monitors and Trina's robotic body with hand gestures. This is also implied by the glowing half of his face.




  • Hiro Hamada
  • Fred
  • Honey Lemon
  • Wasabi
  • Go Go Tomago
  • Baymax
  • Alistair Krei
  • Professor Granville
  • Globby


Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • Baymax Returns
  • Issue 188
  • Failure Mode
  • The Impatient Patient
  • Killer App
  • Small Hiro One (pictured)
  • Kentucky Kaiju
  • Rivalry Weak
  • Fan Friction
  • Mini-Max
  • Steamer's Revenge
  • The Bot-Fighter
  • Obake Yashiki
  • Countdown to Catastrophe

Season 2

  • Internabout (mentioned)
  • Nega-Globby (pictured)
  • Write Turn Here (mentioned)
  • City of Monsters (mentioned)
  • Mini-Maximum Trouble (mentioned)
  • Hiro The Villain (mentioned)
  • Fred the Fugitive (mentioned)
  • Legacies (mentioned)

Big Chibi 6

  • Making Popcorn
  • Save Mochi
  • Noodle Song
  • Gumball Trouble
  • Love Letters
  • Super Charged
  • Low Battery
  • Road Trip
  • Super Driver
  • Brunch Rush


Big Hero 6, what a busy bunch you have been. Time to really get to know you.
~ Obake
Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.
~ Obake
I don't deny my method is harsh, but winning tends to settle any arguments.
~ Obake to Hiro Hamada.
I am satisfied with my care.
~ Obake's last words to Baymax, before his presumed demise.


  • Like Yokai, Obake is named after a creature in ancient Japanese folklore.
  • According to Baymax, Obake's body temperature is below normal.
  • Obake has a one-eyed ogre-like logo that appears on the screens and monitors he hacks into.
  • His alias "Ekabo" is Obake backwards.
  • Obake, Momakase, Noodle Burger Boy and Mr. Sparkles are the only villains who appeared in the credits of Season 2.


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