No! Captain, help me! Please.... Captain!
~ Oblo's last words.

Oblo is an anti-hero in the 2017 Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He is a Ravager who is very loyal to Yondu Udonta.

He was portrayed by Joe Fria.


Oblo was known to be a veteran member of the Yondu Ravager Clan, developing a certain friendship and loyalty to Yondu for the latter's leadership. During their stay at the planet Contraxia following the death of Ronan, Oblo witnessed the arriving Sovereign High Priestess Ayesha as she offered them a reward for the capture of the Guardians of the Galaxy for the theft of the Anulax Batteries.

Oblo went with the other Ravagers onto Berhert, where they manage to capture Rocket Raccoon and Groot as the other Guardians were being transported into the planet Ego. Rocket then offered a deal to the Ravagers: he will give the batteries to them in exchange for his and Groot's safety, to which Yondu accepted by warning that killing the Guardians would put the entire Ravager clan in trouble with the Nova Corps. Though Oblo and several Ravagers agreed with Yondu and obliged to Rocket's proposal, the greedy Taserface refused to accept this and instead led a mutiny against Yondu, though Tullk demands the mutineers to lower the weapons down. Unfortunately, both Yondu and Rocket are knocked out by a freed Nebula, much to Oblo's shock.

With Taserface taking over as the new leader of the Ravagers, he orders his men to execute those who remain loyal to Yondu. As a terrified Oblo is being sent to the airlock, he begs for a restrained Yondu to help him, only for Taserface to beat up Yondu while allowing his men to eject Oblo into outer space, where he suffocates to his death. Fortunately, Yondu's right-hand Kraglin Obfonteri released Yondu and Rocket from captivity, and they took down Taserface and his men in revenge for the deaths of Oblo and the other loyalists.

Yondu would later suffer Oblo's fate as he too suffocated to death in outer space, but only to save Quill following Ego's death. Yondu is then given a Ravager funeral (attended by other Ravager teams) in honor for what he has done for Oblo and the other loyalists.


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