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Hello, I am Occulous! In case you haven't noticed, I'm a giant eyeball! And you're not a ghost. But here you are in the ghost world. Neat trick!
~ Occulous introduces himself to the Skylander

Occulous is the evil eyeball who took over Ghost world and banned pies. He is the main antagonist of the Skylanders Adventure Pack, Darklight Crypt.

He is voiced Travis Willingham.


In the beginning the baker (a Molekin named Batterson) asks the Skylander to help get the undead to eat pies again and stop eating the brains of the living. Batterson the show the skylander the difference between the world of the living and Ghost world. It can be shifted using Spectral Shifting Platforms. When the Skylander enters the crypt, the giant eyeball Occulous greet the them, saying he is surprised to see someone who are not ghosts in the Ghost World. Through the history it is revealed, how Occulous is unkind and has banned pie’s from the Undead in the Crypt. Therefore the ghosts instead have to eat the brains of the living even though the Undead love and prefer pie.

The Skylander has to find its way through The Dark Labyrinth by fighting some knights and finding some keys. Once through the maze the skylander has to fight Occulous himself. The ghost Gallant helps the Skylander by telling, that Occulous can be hurt by cannon shots in the Real World.


First he seems to be a friendly eyeball when he introduces himself to the Skylander. Later it is revealed that he is really unkind. Just because he really hates pie, he is willing to do anything to prevent the Undead from eating pie even killing the Skylander

Powers and abilities

Occulous can attack his opponents with laser eye beams. He is also immune to attacks in the living world.


In the Real World he be hurt by a cannon shot.

Physical Appearance

Occulous is a giant eyeball. It looks like the eyeball is embedded in some bone.


  • In Latin Occulous means eye


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