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I have returned, dear half-brother! And before this day is done, I shall be a King -- and you shall be dead!
~ The Ocean Master
My crown will flood this city! It will throw the oceans down upon it! And I will show your world that Atlantis is not afraid!
~ The Ocean Master

Orm Marius, better known as the Ocean Master, is a supervillain appearing in DC Comics. He is one of the primary villains of the Aquaman series alongside Black Manta.


Ancient Atlantean prophecies foretell that the kingdom shall ever be struggled over by two brothers. This struggle is currently fought by the Atlantean king, Aquaman, and his half-brother, Ocean Master. Orm is the son of Atlan, an Atlantean mage and father of Aquaman, and an Eskimo woman. He is also the archenemy of Aquaman.

Learning of his origins from his mother while she was drunk combined with seeing a young Aquaman in love with the woman he wanted for his own drove Orm over the edge. He swore that he would not rest until he had destroyed all that brought joy to Aquaman. Years later, Orm arrived in Poseidonis where Aquaman sat on the throne, and presented himself as Ocean Master, the rightful ruler of Atlantis.

Silver Age

Ocean Master first appeared in Aquaman #29, introduced as Orm and was Aquaman's half-brother, son of Tom Curry (Aquaman's father) and a woman named Mary O'Sullivan. Orm had no super powers, being fully human, he was jealous of Aquaman. Designing a special suit that would allow him to operate underwater, he became a menacing pirate and terrorist and would often attempt to usurp Aquaman's throne.


When writer Peter David re-imagined the Aquaman mythos post- Crisis on Infinite Earths, Aquaman was no longer the half-human son of Tom Curry but rather his adopted son. This meant that Orm too was no longer a child of Tom Curry, but instead shared Aquaman's new father, the ancient wizard Atlan along with an un-named Inupiat woman. In Aquaman's youth, Arthur happened to rescue a woman named Kako, who was also Orm's cousin. The two developed a relationship which lead Orm to attack Kako out of jealousy.

Later, when Orm learns of his father, he wishes to overthrow Aquaman as the king of Atlantis, though he was not initially aware that Aquaman was his brother.

New 52

After the New 52 reboot of the DC Universe, Orm is once again the half-brother of Aquaman. This time, however, he is the son of Aquaman's mother Atlanna. After she had birthed Aquaman on the surface world with Tom Curry, Atlanna was forced to marry a man of the Atlantean Guard upon her return, thus birthing Orm.

After Orm's father's death, he kills his mother and seizes the Atlantean throne for himself. Orm, spearheading The Atlantean War, eventually yields the throne to Arthur, is left on the surface and imprisoned at Belle Reve.

Powers and Abilities

Ocean Master Pre-Crisis was a high tech sea pirate who utilized many innovative gadgets and weaponry during his early years as a supervillain. He even utilized a special device that enabled him and his men to brave the depths of the sea without fear of the environment or drowning. Eventually he would better arm himself with a mastery of magical powers through Atlantean mystical relics giving him arcane abilities with effects including magical bolts and telepathy.

Orm is a full-blooded Atlantean with physiology similar to his half-brother; like Arthur he is capable of breathing under water without difficulty, and able to move and navigate the ocean deep with keen senses adapted to it. Likely due to his royal heritage, Orm is seemingly stronger than other Atlanteans, making him Super-Atlantean like Aquaman, having fought against him on equal footing more than once. His arsenal now consists of a trident (which he refers to as a scepter) and a helmet (which he refers to as the Crown) with oceanic manipulatory effects.

The trident can control lightning (referred to as the storms) and his Crown which allows him to control massive amounts of water from the seas, to the level of tsunamis, water spouts, cyclones and other powerful tidal effects. 

In other media

DC Animated Film Universe

Main article: Ocean Master (DC Animated Film Universe)

DC Extended Universe

Main article: Ocean Master (DC Extended Universe)

Ocean Master (Orm Marius) served as the main antagonist of the 2018 film, Aquaman. He was portrayed by Patrick Wilson, who also played Agent Lynch in The A-Team.

Young Justice

He appears as one of the original members of the Light before being kicked out. He is killed by Lady Shiv for attempting to kill the families of superhero's.


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