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Ahh, you ignorant slaves. Finally taken notice, have you? Of the power of my beloved Ocelotte, child of dragons. Well, I will not give him up. For he is all that I have.
~ Oceiros, before facing the Ashen One.

Oceiros, also known as the Consumed King, is a minor antagonist and optional boss in Dark Souls III. The former monarch of Lothric, his wish to harness his royal blood for a greater purpose turned him bitter when he unintentionally unveiled the works of Seath the Scaleless, driving him to insanity.

He was voiced by William Houston, who also played Marvelous Chester in Dark Souls, Vendrick in Dark Souls II, and King Aldrich in Amphibia.


Oceiros was once the king of Lothric who sought to harness his royal blood to achieve great power. His first two sons Lorian and Lothric were deemed unworthy by their father, for Lorian's broken legs and Lothric's frail body and cursed fate to become a Lord of Cinder. Instead, King Oceiros pointed the favor to his third child, Ocelotte, who was a mere infant. His quest for power led him to the Grand Archives, where he discovered the notes of Big Hat Logan left by the Crystal Sages about Seath and his immortality. Much like Logan's fate, Oceiros was not only consumed into obsessed madness over Seath's magic, but he also morphed into an abomination. He's also said to have killed numerous people out of madness after his mutation.

Despite his transformation, Oceiros continued to protect Ocelotte, claiming him to be a child of dragons and still harnessing his power. Somehow, Ocelotte vanished from his father's grasp for reasons unknown. Regardless, Oceiros still "protected" Ocelotte under his belief that his son is still in his hands.

The Ashen One encounters Oceiros within the Consumed King's Garden, still guarding over "Ocelotte" under his care, willing to defend his son with his own life. First using a staff to cast magic spells against the player, after a third of his health is depleted, he smashes his hands on the ground before attacking like a frenzied animal, gaining access to crystal-like ice breath. Attacking him enough times results in Oceiros dying, releasing his soul from his misery. Defeating Oceiros leads to the Untended Graves.


Oceiros takes the form of a slender gray dragon with missing scales (similarly to Seath). He lacks visible eyes, has two antler-like horns on the sides of his head, and is covered in hair-like particles, including some that dangle from under his snout. He also has two wings on his back that, while small at first, elongate as he enters his second phase.


Once a noble and talented king, Oceiros still contains part of his sanity even after morphing into a dragon-hybrid, still clinging to the belief that Ocelotte remains by his side. After taking enough damage, he realizes the truth and goes on a feral rampage like the monster that he has become.


Ahh, dear little Ocelotte. Where have you gone? Are you hiding from me? Come out, come out, don't be afraid. You were born a child of dragons, what could you possibly fear? Now, now, show yourself, Ocelotte. My dear, little Ocelotte.
~ Oceiros noticing Ocelotte missing from his hands.
~ Oceiros' transition to the second phase.
Ignorant slaves, how quickly you forget.
~ Oceiros should he kill the Ashen One.





  • Ocelotte's crying can be heard during Oceiros' battle, even during the second phase after Oceiros goes mad.
  • Originally, Oceiros was to handle a baby during the fight, presumably Ocelotte himself. During the transition to the second phase, Oceiros would crush the baby under his claws, as shown by an early model of both a regular and a darkened, malformed infant. Sound effects were supposed to be in play as Oceiros crushes his son, but were removed likely for being too disturbing.
    • Ocelotte may indeed still be in Oceiros' grasp when he smashes his claws, as Crossbreed Priscilla, another child of dragons, can turn invisible.
  • When Oceiros yells out Ocelotte's name during his breakdown, the bottom screen darkens as it does whenever dialogue is spoken, but Oceiros yelling "Ocelotte!" is not included.
  • In the alpha build of the game, Oceiros is referred to as the "Angel of Dragons".
  • The Soul of Consumed Oceiros can be consumed for 12,000 souls or transposed with Ludleth to create either the Moonlight Greatsword or the White Dragon Breath spell.

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