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Ocho is a three-legged octopus who is the main antagonist in the movie Legend of the Sea. She is always accompanied by Hermin, a crab wearing a toothy skull.



In the past, she desired power over all living creatures of the sea, which soon resulted in a battle against the Dragon King who sought to protect the Eastern Sea from Ocho's evil ambitions. After the battle, Ocho paid the price and lost five of her legs. She was banished from the Eastern Sea but wasn't fully defeated.


Years later, Ocho plans to take over the throne of the kingdom and also seek revenge by claiming the Dragon Pearl for herself to rule over to the Eastern Sea, with peace and justice vanishing from the seas as a result. Her plan was uncovered by Draco, the young son of the now elderly Dragon King. After seeing him spying on her, Ocho captured the young prince and held him for ransom. She and her minions confronted the Dragon King in his palace, demanding that she would have her "rightful" coronation with the Dragon King himself crowning her as ruler of the Eastern Sea in exchange for Draco's release. The octopus retreats back to her lair, where she and her minions plan an additional assassination attack on the Dragon King.

When Draco escaped with the help of his friends, Ocho and her minions eventually launched a full-scale attack on the Dragon Palace, fighting against the kingdom's imperial forces. She spotted Draco holding the Dragon Pearl as he was about to be reunited with his father and hurled a speared stalagmite towards the prince to kill him. The Dragon King saw the threat coming and sacrificed himself to shield Draco, with the stalagmite fatally impaling him. Seeing her chance to seize the Dragon Pearl, and having her revenge on the Dragon King fulfilled, Ocho ordered her minions to take the Dragon Pearl from Draco's hands. 

Draco, powered by the Dragon Pearl, transformed into a full-grown Dragon King and used his newfound power to once again banish Ocho from the Eastern Sea, sending her away and ending the war. Elsewhere, the three-armed octopus swears vengeance, but she is soon presumably devoured by a pack of predatory stonefish.



  • Ocho is very similar to Ursula, both are female evil octopuses and wish to rule over an underwater kingdom.
  • Her name Ocho means Eight in Spanish.
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