Octomon is a minor villain in Digimon Fusion that is one of Neptunemon's henchmen.


Octomon is a champion level Digimon that resembles an octopus-like monster with a upside-down jug on its head, which his eyes can still be seen. He wields two weapons: a sword and an ink gun. His tentacles also have claws and hooks.

Digimon Fusion

Octomon appeared when he hijacked a Mantaraymon, and attacked the heroes. He attempted to drag Shoutmon X2 to a watery grave, but with the help of Chibitortomon, he is able to breathe underwater and saved the three heroes in an air bubble. Then the advanced Shoutmon X2 killed Octomon with his Sonic Tsunami attack.


  • Spurting Ink
  • Octopus Trap
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