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Octopunch is a minor villain in Generation One of the Transformers franchise. He was based on a figure in the 1989 toyline.

Marvel Comics

Octopunch first appeared in the Marvel UK story "Aspects of Evil" in an alternate 1990 where he was among the troops who served Megatron on Cybertron. He was one of those who fought Bludgeon in trial by combat when Bludgeon was accused of being a traitor.

He made his first present day appearance in "Hunting Party" when he was part of the new Decepticon Mayhem Squad put together by Snarler and Spinister to hunt down the renegade Decepticons Carnivac and Catilla. Travelling to Earth, they attacked a human settlement and managed to draw Carnivac out of hiding. Octopunch managed to force Carnivac to stand down by threatening a group of humans, only to be taken out of the battle when the humans drove a truck into him.

His first Marvel US appearance was in Issue #60, when he was part of a Decepticon Mayhem Squad led by Bludgeon, who were sent by Thunderwing to take care of the newly-arrived Autobot Classic Pretenders. They attacked the Autobot base and disrupted the Classic Pretenders' and Rescue Patrol's attempt to transport to Earth, resulting in them instead ending up in the centre of Cybertron. In the ensuing battle, Octopunch fired at Grimlock, only for the blast to ricochet off him and hit the Transformers' sleeping creator Primus, drawing the attention of Unicron. They were then all transported to Earth.

Octopunch and the others joined up with the Earth Decepticons led by Scorponok, fighting with them against the rogue group led by Shockwave. They eventually returned to Cybertron and fought a group of Unicron cultists, before facing Unicron himself.

In the aftermath, with Bludgeon now leader of the surviving Decepticons, Octopunch accompanied him in his invasion of the peaceful planet Klo. When most of the Autobots were wiped out in an ambush, Octopunch led a patrol in searching for the few survivors. They succeeded in tracking them down and Octopunch's fate in the subsequent battle was not revealed, although all of the Autobots he attacked turned up alive to join the final battle against the main Decepticon army.

In Marvel UK's "Earthforce" storyline, Octopunch and the other Mayhems took up base on an island to wait for Carnivac. However, Carnivac still managed to kill half the squad, while Octopunch, Bludgeon and Stranglehold were captured by the Autobot Earthforce. They later escaped and were hired by Megatron and Shockwave to dispose of Soundwave and Starscream, who had replaced them as Decepticon leaders. They failed when Dinobots Swoop and Sludge aided the pair.

In the Generation 2 comics, Octopunch continued to serve Bludgeon, and later Megatron when he killed Bludgeon and took over. He was presumably killed when the Decepticon War Wheel was attacked by Jhiaxus' Cybertronian army.


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