The Octopus Fangire, also known by her human identity Hitomi Miyazawa, is a Fangire who poses as a violin student under Otoya Kurenai and an antagonist in Kamen Rider Kiva.

She was voiced by Kanae Oki.



As a Fangire was feeding on female violinists Hitomi Miyazawa, was assigned Yuri Aso as protection, only for Yuri to realize that Hitomi is the Fangire. In the ensuing fight between her and Yuri, the Octopus Fangire's violin is damaged. After Otoya refuses to help her for using his teachings to harm others, Hitomi flees.


Hitomi finds Wataru Kurenai and gets him to repair her violin. She also targets Megumi Aso to get revenge for her mother's breaking of her violin, only for Megumi to destroy the violin again with help from Kiva. The Octopus Fangire then attempts to escape, but is destroyed by Kiva and sealed in Castle Doran.


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