(Before you say anything, he became this in the special "World Turned Odd" as the main antagonist.)
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Odd Todd is an Odd Bully and was once a former agent at Odd Squad who was previously partnered with Olive. He resigned which he tried to join. He tried to shut the organization down. He had to release the ultimate amount of oddness in an effort to keeping the eyebrow. His current objective is to grow the best vegetables in the country. He serves as the main antagonist off Odd Squad.

The crazy-looking boy announces that he's good enough to mess with. Olive calls "Todd" by name and tells what he did with thegum. Otto asks her how she knows Todd, but Todd informs Olive that he goes by "Odd Todd", and vanishes with a cackle in gum burst. Olive states that the pair immediately return to headquarters to warn Ms. O about Todd's return. Before they can head to the portal, Otto once again asks who Todd is. Olive frowns and states that the boy is her old partner.


  • Interupting Meetings.
  • Drumming In The Shower
  • Listening To The Little Band In His Mouth.


* His agent number was 43. When he was fired, he hid the number randomly around headquarters, like his old desk, on files, boxes, walls, and even stole his own hand print as seen in Fistful of Fruit Juice.


  • Zero Effect *Referenced*
  • My Better Half *Referenced*
  • The Odd Antidote 
  • Skip Day 
  • Fistful of Fruit Juice 
  • How to Interrogate a Unicorn 
  • Invasion of the Body Switchers 
  • Double Trouble 
  • Soundcheck Part Deux 
  • Centigurps Game Ad *43*
  • Odd Squad Soundtrack: Stop The Music 
  • Training Day
  • Trading Places
  • Bad Lemonade
  • The O Games
  • Undercover Olive
  • O vs. the Ballcano
  • Now You Don't See Me
  • Disorder in the Court
  • O is Not For Over
  • First Day *Mentioned*
  • Mid-Day in the Garden of Good and Odd
  • World Turned Odd


  • "Evil Laugh
  • "It's ODD Todd now!"
  • "Hello, Scribbles!"
  • "I'll be back!"
  • "Who do you want to catch? Me...or the _____?"
  • "You say potato, I say french toast with jam."
  • “You keep the Odd, I’ll keep the Todd!”
  • "Looks like rain. It'll be lovely for my ASPARRRAGUS!"
  • "Who are you calling "Odd Bully", Odd Bully?"


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