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Of course I'm guilty. Not only that, but I'm damn proud of it too! This stuck up b-tch wouldn't even have given me the time of day! To her, and to all of you people, I just didn't exist! "Oh, here comes Odell with his cleaning trolley, haha, he's so poor." Now look who's laughing!
~ Odell explaining his motivation.

Odell Toole was the killer of fashion shop owner Lucy Campbell in Fashion Victim, level #14 of the game Criminal Case.

Events of Criminal Case

Odell was a mall cleaner in Grimsborough, working for the company Grimsclean. It is known that he suffered from diabetes and liked drinking diet cola.

He was resentful of everyone else at the mall he worked in, thinking that because of his low status they were all laughing at him, and no-one ever gave him credit for anything. Odell wanted to be remembered, so he strangled Lucy Campbell, the owner of Lucy's Fashion Store, and impaled her body on a mannequin stand before calling the police.

The case was given to the player's character and his partner David Jones. Odell claimed to be a witness to the murder and said that he saw the victim together with an unknown man, but the player solved the case through deliberate mistakes that Odell made and arrested him. In court, Odell was sentenced to twenty years in prison.


  • Odell's name may be a reference to real-life serial killer Ottis Toole, an American drifter who was convicted of six counts of murder.He resembles American filmmaker and social critic Michael Moore.
  • Odell strongly resembles Michael Moore, an American filmmaker, author, social critic, and political activist.


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