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Villain Overview

The Odet Family are the main antagonists in the Wrong Turn horror film franchise.

In short, they are an inbred, mutated, cannibalistic family of serial killers that stalk the woods of West Virginia.


Three Finger:

  • Julian Richings - (Wrong Turn)
  • Jeff Scrutton - (Wrong Turn 2)
  • Borislav Iliev - (Wrong Turn 3)
  • Sean Skene (adult) and Blane Cypurda (young) - (Wrong Turn 4)
  • Borislav Iliev - (Wrong Turn 5)
  • Radoslav Parvanov - (Wrong Turn 6)

Saw Tooth:

  • Garry Robbins - Wrong Turn
  • Scott Johnson (adult) and Bryan Verot (young) - (Wrong Turn 4)
  • George Karlukovski - (Wrong Turn 5)
  • Danko Jordanov -(Wrong Turn 6)

One Eye:

  • Ted Clark - (Wrong Turn)
  • Tristan Carlucci (young) and Daniel Skene (adult) - (Wrong Turn 4)
  • Radoslav Parvanov - (Wrong Turn 5)
  • Asen Asenov - (Wrong Turn 6)


  • Clint Carleton - (Wrong Turn 2)


  • Ashlea Earl - (Wrong Turn 2)

Maynard Odet:



  • Rorelee Tio - (Wrong Turn 2)

Three Toe:

  • Borislav Petrov - (Wrong Turn 3)



The Odet Family begins when Maynard Odet was born on May 2, 1951 to unknown parents and it is unknown what his life was like until he married a woman named Delilah, who is heavily implied to have been his sister.

Together they have five children, Pa, MaSaw ToothOne Eye and then Three Finger, who are heavily deformed due to a combination of incest and exposure to radioactive toxic waste inside barrels next to an old saw mill. All of their children are also born with Congenital Analgesia, a disease that causes an inability to feel any kind of physical pain.

At some unknown time later, Delilah dies from unknown causes. Maynard raises his children by himself until Ma and Pa have children of their own, Sister and Brother. Maynard leaves his family to go on a crime spree in which he kills an unknown person and gets sent to prison for it, but later escapes.

Wrong Turn

Several years after the massacre at Fairlake, Maynard and the Odet brothers have moved once again into a more remote part of the woods in West Virginia, killing anyone who takes a turn down their road and eating them to survive. The brothers also have started keeping trophies of their victims, mainly body parts and cars shown in a field.

Some time later, Chris Flynn, Jessie, Carly, Scott, Evan, and Francine get stranded within their woods after accidentally crashing into each other. When the others leave to get help, Three Finger murders both Evan and Francine before bringing their bodies back to the isolated cabin with One-Eye and Saw-Tooth. Later, Three Finger and his brothers track down the remaining group as they investigate their cabin and kill Scott after shooting him with several arrows. However, Chris, Jessie, and Carly manage to escape shortly after.

That night, when Chris, Jessie, and Carly went to the old watchtower in order to call for help, Three Finger, Saw-Tooth, and One-Eye manage to locate them and set fire to the watchtower. The group of survivors manage to escape and are forced to run across the trees. Three Finger climbs the trees and kills Carly by decapitating her at the mouth with an axe. However, Chris manages to knock him out with a tree branch just before he nearly kills Jessie, making him fall down to the forest ground, but he survives.

The next day, Three Finger and his brothers manage to locate the final two survivors capture Jessie. Chris manages to survive his fall after being pushed down a cliff, and goes to the mutant cannibals' cabin to rescue Jessie. Together, Chris and Jessie fight the mutants and nearly kill them all by blowing up their cabin before making their escape.

However, at the end of the film, Three Finger is revealed to have survived as he was last seen killing a deputy as he investigate the destroyed cabin.

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

With his brothers out of commission, Three Finger moves once again to live with his other siblings Ma and Pa and their children Brother and Sister, along with his newborn nephew Three Toe

When a game-show is set up near their home, Three Finger and his family kill the contestants and the host, but also loses Maynard, Ma, Pa, Brother, and Sister in the process.

Between WT2 and WT3

Now having only three living family members, Three Fingers raises Three Toes himself, teaching him how to hunt humans and set up traps to kill them for about 10 years, given Three Toes' young age in WT3.

Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

When Three Finger and Three Toe overturn a prison bus filled with guards and convicts, things go smoothly for them for a while like usual, until one of their traps fails to kill the prisoners and Three Toes tries taking them on himself, only to be shot by Chavez and then decapitated to send a message to Three Finger to leave them alone or else they'll kill him too. Three Finger however is driven to a rage and starts killing the prisoners much more violently and personally than any person before in revenge for his beloved nephews' death.

Three Finger is seemingly finally killed when Nate stabs him in the head with a meat-hook and leaves his body on his truck, which then explodes. After the end credits however, it's once again revealed that Three Finger survived the explosion when he shows up to kill Brandon after he kills Nate.

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

In 1974, The Odet brothers are found eating a couple only known as the Hilikers (no relation to Sally and Jackson Hilliker) and are assumed to be their children. They are brought into the Glenville Sanatorium in West Virginia where they escape and cause a riot with the other mental patients. For the next 29 years, they survive their isolation by eating all 179 other fellow insane inhabitants.

In 2003, nine college students try and head to their friend Porter's cabin for the winter, but get lost in a snowstorm and decide to stay the night in the now abandoned asylum, not knowing their friend Porter is already dead and unaware of the current maniacs that still live there. Saw Tooth kills Vincent when he stabs him up through the head with a lobotomy needle after finding Porter dead at the reception desk.

Saw Tooth and his brothers eventually reveal themselves to the group of friends when they find Porter's severed head in his shirt and then hang Claire with a barbed wire noose in front of them until she's decapitated. They try and escape the asylum, but remember the snow storm would make it nearly impossible. Lauren however volunteers to make an attempt to get help anyways with her skis since she's the best at using them, but fails and freezes to death off-screen.

Daniel soon enough gets kidnapped by the Odet brothers and he's taken to their kitchen, where they cook and eat him alive in an attempt to draw his friends to them, but they fail to save him. The group however does manage to scare the trio into a cell and lock them inside. When Kyle is just about to light the cannibals on fire, Kenia begs him not to since "they're better than they are", to which Kyle reluctantly agrees and stays to guard them while the others think of a plan upstairs of what to do next.

Kyle falls asleep however and the brothers escape, put a bag over his head, cut off his tongue, and send him after the remaining women of the group who stab him to death thinking he's one of them until they remove his "mask". Saw Tooth and his brothers then chase the girls out of a window, but not before Jenna gets impaled with a snow drill by Saw Tooth. Kenia, Laura, and Bridget try and escape with the snowmobiles, but the brothers have stolen them, so they try fleeing on foot instead. In the storm, Bridget gets separated from the others and One Eye gores her underneath the tracks of his stolen snowmobile.

After Kenia and Laura knock One Eye off his snow mobile in the morning and take it back, they drive off believing they survived until Kenia accidentally drives into a barbed wire fence and the both of them are decapitated. Three Finger packs their bodies into his truck and drives back to the Asylum so he and his brothers can eat them.

Between WT4 and WT5

At some point, Maynard hears about his children's killings at the old insane asylum. He then takes them into his care and away from their isolated home and into the general public.

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

After Maynard is arrested in Fairlake and is taken to a holding cell for assault with a deadly weapon, after causing a group of friends to crash their car, the Odet brothers arrive and kill Deputy Biggs when Three Finger shoots him in both his legs with arrows and then stabs him in the top of his head while Saw Tooth and One Eye hold him still.

While Maynard waits patiently in his jail cell, Three Finger uses his truck to pull down a telephone pole to cut out all the service. They then cut out the power to the entire town when they capture a security guard working at the power plant and electrocute him to death on the power lines.

Later, Three Finger, Saw Tooth, and One Eye kidnap Gus, break his legs with sledgehammers, and then leave him on the street to scream for help to bait out the others. When Sheriff Angela tries saving him, Three Finger runs him over and kills him.

When Julian and Billy go out to search for Cruz, not knowing she's already dead, they get captured by the Odet brothers. When Sheriff Angela sends a man named Mose to try and find Julian and Billy, he gets captured as well and is put inside a makeshift brazen bull to burn to death.

Three Finger then sets a trap for Sheriff Angela by kidnapping her husband, Deputy Jason, and put him in his truck to look abandoned with tape over his mouth. When Sheriff Angela opens the door, a sickle disembowels him. Three Finger then reveals himself to Sheriff Angela and the two start fighting. When she shoots him in the leg, he's only annoyed thanks to his Congenital Analgesia and he kicks her in the face to knock her out.

After Maynard is finally freed, he ties her up in the same cell he was in with a shotgun taped to her chin. He tells her she can blow her brains out with it or die burning alive when he sets the building on fire. She chooses the former option.

As Maynard and his grandchildren leave Fairlake county, they find Lita wandering down the road still asking for help. They pick her up without her knowing who they are until Maynard speaks to her and drive off to rape and kill her as Maynard mentioned he was going to earlier.

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

With his brothers finally have healed from their wounds in the first film, the Odet brothers find themselves at a resort ran by siblings Sally Hilliker and Jackson Hilliker (Unrelated to the Hillikers from WT4), who belong to a family closely, but not directly, related to the Odets, and the resort is inherited by Danny Hiliker.

After going through yet another group of friends, Danny accepts his role as the new caretaker for his resort and allows the Odet brothers to stay as long as they cook for his guests, made with other guests. The Odets now have a permanent home and an unlimited supply of food due to Danny's incredible wealth and connections to make sure people who go missing never turn up or are reported.

List of Victims

Before Wrong Turn

  • Unnamed Woman - Reportedly missing, presumably killed by one of the Odet Brothers.
  • Damien Ramsey - Reportedly missing, presumably killed by one of the Odet Brothers.
  • Female Hitch Hiker - Reportedly missing, presumably killed by one of the Odet Brothers.
  • Unnamed Child - Reportedly missing, presumably killed by one of the Odet Brothers.
    • Total - 4

Wrong Turn

  • Richard Stoker - Killed off-screen by one of the Odet Brothers, body thrown off a cliff.
  • Halley Smith - Throat slit off-screen by one of the Odet Brothers.
  • Evan Ross - Ear cut off and throat slit off-screen by one of the Odet Brothers, body found later.
  • Francine Childes - Barbed wire wrapped around her mouth by Saw-Tooth and slowly bleeds to death.
  • Scott Korbee - Shot three times in the back with arrows by Saw-Tooth.
  • Carly Numan - Head chopped in half at the mouth by Three Finger.
  • Trooper John Bartley - Shot in the eye with an arrow by Saw-Tooth.
  • Deputy L. Solomon - Killed off-screen by Saw-Tooth.
    • Total - 8

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

  • Kimberly Caldwell - Lips bitten off by Brother, cut vertically in half by Three Finger.
  • Neil - Throat slit and then scalped by Three Finger.
  • Mara Stone - Hit in the head with an axe by Pa.
  • Elena Garcia - Back slashed at repeatedly by Sister and bleeds to death.
  • Amber Williams - Shot in the head with an arrow by Brother.
  • Matt "Jonesy" Jones - Shot in the head with an arrow by Brother.
  • Michael "M" Epstein - Decapitated off-camera by Ma.
  • Colonel Dale Murphy - Shot in the back with two arrows by Pa, weighted barbed wire wrapped around his neck by Ma, quickly bleeds to death.
  • Chris - Killed off-screen in an unknown manner by Three Finger, clothes shown over fire pit.
  • Wojo - Killed off-screen in an unknown manner by Three Finger, clothes shown over fire pit.
    • Total - 10

Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

  • Sophie - Shot in the chest and then the head with arrows by Three-Finger.
  • Trey King - Impaled through the mouth with a spear by Three Finger.
  • Brent McDonald - Sliced vertically into three pieces by a trap set by Three Finger.
  • Officer Preslow - Knife thrown into his neck by Three Finger.
  • Two Unknown People - Skeletons found in an old bank truck, killed by Three Finger in an unknown manner.
  • Marshall William "Willy" Juarez - Face sliced off with a scythe trap set by Three Finger.
  • Crawford - Encased in barbed wire and then dragged along a road by Three Finger.
  • Sheriff Calvin Carver - Impaled vertically with a spear by Three Finger.
  • Floyd - Set on fire with a Molotov cocktail thrown by Three Finger.
  • Deputy Ally Lane - Wrapped in a barbed wire net by Three Finger, slowly bled to death.
  • Carlos Chavez - Head popped open with a hatchet and brain eaten by Three Finger.
  • Brandon Lewis - Beaten to death with a club by Three Finger.
    • Total - 13

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

  • Mr. Hilliker - Killed and eaten off-screen by the Odet Brothers, mentioned.
  • Mrs. Hilliker - Killed and eaten off-screen by the Odet Brothers, mentioned.
  • Orderly Charlie - Stabbed in the eye with a needle, eyes and nose eaten by the Odet Brothers.
  • Dr. Ann Marie McQuaid - Electrocuted to death by Three Finger.
  • Dr. Brenden Ryan - Dismembered by barbed wire attached to chains by the Odet Brothers.
  • 179 Glenville Sanatorium Inmates - Killed and eaten by the Odet Brothers for 29 years to survive.
  • Porter - Killed off-screen by one of the Odet Brothers in an unknown manner, body found.
  • Vincent - Stabbed through the head with a lobotomy needle by Saw-Tooth.
  • Claire - Hanged and decapitated with a barb wire noose by the Odet Brothers.
  • Daniel Mullins - Eaten alive by the Odet Brothers.
  • Jenna Rivers - Impaled in the back with a large drill by Saw-Tooth.
  • Bridget Manalo - Gored with the tires of a snowmobile by One-Eye.
    • Total - 190

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

  • Kaleen Webber - Finger cut off by Three Finger, hit in the stomach with an axe by Maynard Odet.
  • Deputy Kevin Biggs - Shot in both legs with arrows and stabbed in the head by Three Finger.
  • M. Johnson - Electrocuted to death by the Odet Brothers.
  • Cruz - Disemboweled with a knife by Three Finger.
  • Gus McKaley - Legs smashed with sledgehammers and run over by the Odet Brothers.
  • Billy Brolin - Decapitated with a snow blower driven by Three Finger.
  • Julian Jones - Ground up with a snow blower driven by Three Finger.
  • Mose - Burned alive inside of a barrel by the Odet Brothers.
  • Jason Carter - Accidentally disemboweled by Sheriff Angela Carter in a trap set by Three Finger.
  • Sheriff Angela Cater - Committed suicide by shooting herself in the head with a shotgun so she wouldn't burn to death, coerced by Maynard Odet.
  • Lita Marquez - Killed off-screen in an unknown manner by Maynard and the Odet Brothers.
    • Total - 11

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

  • Nick Jacobs - Shot in the head with an arrow by Three Finger.
  • Daria Willows - Head wrapped in a Barb wire trap set by the Odet Brothers, decapitated by Three Finger.
  • Agnes Fields - Stabbed with an Axe thrown by Three Finger and neck snapped by Jackson.
  • Sheriff Doucette - Shot in the head with an arrow by Three Finger.
  • Jillian - Legs snapped off by One-Eye and Saw-Tooth.
  • Bryan - Hit in head with a Statue by Three Finger and smothered with a pillow by Sally.
  • Vic Palka - Neck slit and disemboweled by Three Finger.
  • Charlie - Stomach blown up with a water hose shoved up his anus by the Odet Brothers.
  • Rod O'Rourke - Captured in a bear trap and stabbed in the head with a machete by Three Finger.
  • Toni O'Rourke - Stabbed in the head with a knife by Three Finger.
    • Total - 10

Total Kills

  • 246 Men and Women

Kill Counts

  1. Three Finger - 209 Kills
  2. Saw Tooth - 189 Kills
  3. One Eye - 187 Kills
  4. Maynard - 4 Kills
  5. Pa - 2 Kills
  6. Ma - 2 Kills
  7. Brother - 2 Kills
  8. Sister - 1 Kill
  9. Three Toe - No Kills


  • Kenia from WT4 is indirectly responsible for many of the deaths in the series due to her reluctance to kill the Odet brothers when they had the chance to do so after locking them inside of a cell.
  • Three Finger is the only member of the Odet family to appear in every single movie in the franchise. He also holds the most confirmed kills.
  • While it's not known how Saw-Tooth and One-Eye survived the explosion in the original movie, it's still highly likely that they did due to Three Finger surviving the same explosion and being much smaller than his brothers. It's possible however that their injuries were much more serious than Three Finger's, with One Eye being run over by Chris and Saw Tooth taking most of the explosion, and therefore took two movies to heal enough from their wounds to return to killing.
  • Delilah Odet is the only member of the family who's never seen on-screen and, besides Three Toes, has no confirmed kills whatsoever. It's possible that she was the most innocent person in the family, given her worst known crime would be incest. Then again, never being seen or heard from, it's also possible she was just as bad as the rest if not worse. Unless another film is made that explores her character more, it's unknown if she was a good person or not.
  • Wrong Turn 3 and 6 take place in the future. In the first film in the timeline, Bloody Beginnings, the date shown was 1976 and then the main events of the movie take place 27 years later in 2003. Bloodlines takes place within roughly the next year in 2004. Ten years later is when the first film takes place, evidenced by Maynard being much visibly older than in the previous film. Dead End shows no time having been passed between the first film, so it can be assumed it takes place in the same year at the minimum. In Left For Dead however, another ten years have passed shown by Three Toes' ages, being only a newborn baby in the second film and about ten years older in the third given his size compared to all the adult characters. Last Resort, much like Dead End, shows no indication that time had passed so it can again be assumed that it's the same year. In total, The Odet Family's reign of terror has been going on for nearly 50 years in-universe.
    • Timeline:
      • Bloody Beginnings: 1976 - 2003
      • Bloodlines: 2004
      • Wrong Turn: 2014
      • Dead End: 2014
      • Left For Dead: 2024
      • Last Resort: 2024
  • It's highly likely that most of if not all the mutated members of the Odet family have some sort of healing factor, similarly to Jason Voorhees (though Jason Voorhees is not a cannibal himself). This is best evidenced by Three Finger himself, who has survived falling out of a tree several stories above the ground, shot at point-blank range with shotguns, impaled through the skull with a meat hook, and even surviving two explosions he was at the center of.
    • It seems though as if the only things that can permanently kill any mutated member of the Odet family is decapitation or complete bodily destruction. However, it's unknown as to why Sister and Brother were killed by an explosion whereas all of their uncles survived one in the first film.


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