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Odette is a mutant Invader who is the younger sister of Annette and a playable character and villain in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

Invader Girl

Odette is sent to investigate a terrestrial life-form, which turns out to be a corrupted Sol Dae Rokker. When the Sol Dae Rokker turns hostile Odette destroys it.

Fist Invasion

Odette was later sent alongside Rillacle by her older sister Annette to investigate and obtain information on a new weapon being created. The two discover it is in fact a new Union model being the Ptolemaic Army are constructing. Though they were assigned only to perform reconnaissance, Rillacle disobeys orders and rushes out to fight the Ptolemaic Army.

Another Story

What I need to be Myself

Odette and Nowan are sent to Earth for a mission, only for Nowan to be captured by the Rebel Army. Odette tries to save Nowan, but while they succeed in breaking out they are defeated by Allen O' Neil and his son and captured. Luckily for them, Annette soon arrives and rescues both of them before escaping with them back to the Invaders' homeworld.

Fall of Disaster

After Nowan wakes up from a nightmare, Odette becomes concerned for her. Annette then appears and assigns Nowan to Earth with Schwarz on a mission. Seeing that Nowan is scared, Odette asks Nowan if they need assistance, but Nowans. After she and Annette leave, Odette expresses her concern over Nowan, stating that, while Nowan could be rude, she had never saw Nowan act that way.

When Schwarz tries to eat Nowan as they are traveling to Earth, Odette appears and saves her. In the ensuing fight, a hole is ripped open in the ship and Nowan and Odette fall through it down to Earth. Odette and Nowan land in Rebel territory and are attacked by the Rebel soldiers, but they manage to defeat them. After Nowan becomes incapacitated by a conflict inside her mind, Odette shielded Nowan from attacks from the Rebel soldiers, causing herself to become wounded. Nowan chides Odette for being reckless and shielding her, but Odette states she will protect Nowan even if they are rude and cynical.

Odette and Nowan later find their spaceship, and Nowan carries a tired Odette to the ship. They are attacked by Rebel soldiers, but Nowan is able to fend them off enough for them to board the ship and escape. As they head back home, Nowan thanks a sleeping Odette for helping her.

Everlasting Summer Vacation

Odette later heads to Earth to spend a summer vacation there but when arrives she discovers almost everyone has had their aggression ramped up because of a "boreal matter" that someone unleashed. Coming across Nova and Rita, Odette explains the situation to the two and goes with Nova to find the person who unleashed the "boreal matter". Along the way, they encounter a group of Ptolemaic soldiers led by Miharu and several. After Miharu is somewhat brought to her senses, she compliments Odette for her dress and states that if she had a child, they'd look a lot like her. The two eventually discover that the Professor is the one behind the "boreal matter" after encountering a Mars Robot and go to confront him. The two fight the Professor in Rugname X, but eventually learn that the "boreal matter" is only temporary and will soon wear off. Nova attempts to pursue the Professor but Odette holds her back to prevent her from being crushed by Rugname. With everything back to normal Odette resumes her vacation.


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