Odile is the secondary antagonist in Barbie of Swan Lake. She is Rothbart's daughter.

She was voiced by Maggie Wheeler.


Rothbart wanted to take over the Enchanted Forest. To do this, he had to ensure Odette could not defeat him.

However, he turned Odette into a swan and disguised Odile as Odette so Prince Daniel would profess his love for Odile instead of Odette. When Daniel finds out he has been tricked, he fights Rothbart and Odile is accidentally turned into a pig.

But later on, she turns back into her true form, that she works as a servant for Erasmus the troll in the forest library.


Odile is vain and unappreciative towards the gifts her father gives her. However, she becomes angry and whinges when she does not get what she wants.


  • It is unknown what happened to her mother despite not appearing nor mentioned. It is possible that she might be deceased.


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