Odlulu (voiced by Eva Carlton) is a pre-teen girl and the primary antagonist of the 2019 Where's Waldo? animated series. Where Waldo and Wenda seek to enjoy the world in all it's beauty, Odlulu and her pet ferret Fritz pursue their own selfish designs. Odlulu is an "Anti-Wanderer", and former member of the Worldwide Wanderers Society.

Odlulu's design resembles a fusion between Wenda and Wilma's traditional designs and that of Odlaw, to whom her name is somewhat similar. She sports a yellow baseball cap with black stripes and glasses with angular black frames, as well as shoulder-length black hair with a yellow streak. She wears a dress that consists of a long-sleeved top with black and yellow top, and an all-yellow skirt. Her outfit is completed by black socks with white cuffs that she wears up to her knees and blue shoes.

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