Odysseus Inc. is an infamous pirate organization and the supporting antagonists that appeared in the 2012 animated film Tad, the Lost Explorer. They are led by the ruthless Kopponen and his boss Max Mordon.


It is speculated that Odysseus Inc. is known for their infamous plunders of several famous archaeological expeditions, and would stop at nothing to get their hand on an artifact that they would sell to their highest bidder, even it would resort to kidnapping, stealing, and even murder.

They first appeared in the film when they spy on Tad Stones arriving at the airport with his friend Professor Humbert, who hold a stone key regarding the location of the lost idol of Paititi. Upon Tad's arrival at Cusco, Kopponen had his men to capture him, but he soon escapes with the help of Sara Lavrof and her friend Paititi.

It is later revealed that the Odysseus men had captured Sara's father Professor Lavrof since he is the only one other than Professor Humbert that can translate the markings of the stone key regarding the location.

During the climax of the film, several of the Odysseus men end up being defeated by Tad and his friends until they reached the hidden temple, where Max's true nature is exposed by Tad after his attempt to have him and Freddy killed.

During the journey of the temple, several of the booby traps were activated, and much of the Odysseus men are sent falling to their deaths. It wasn't until the group reach a room full of quipus where Max pulls up the wrong one, causing the entire floor to break open, sending the rest of the Odysseus men (including Kopponen) to fall to their deaths.  


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