Ofelia Beltrán is one of the minor supporting antagonists of the 1998 Mexican soap opera "El Privilegio de Amar" ("The Right to Love").

She is an opportunistic and self-interested woman who has the ambition to rise socially when dealing with rich men.

She was portrayed by Lourdes Munguía.

Ofelia is an opportunist who approached Nicolás in order to get him the money necessary to remake her life. While both become lovers, Nicolás asks Ofelia to investigate the life of Andres Duval, his archenemy.

She seems to act in her own best interests when confronting both sides, as when it was disturbing Cristina to try to make her understand that she did not belong to the "world" she wanted to enter, and when she disputed Nicolas with Tamara.

A successful actress, she loves to gossip and works with Nicolás to ruin Andrés' career and trick millionaires into scamming them and stealing their fortunes. She and Nicolás have a relationship, and she's the only one who knows Nicolás and Tamara are lovers. She ends up pregnant with Nicolás' baby, but he kicks her out of his house after cruelly saying he doesn't want a commitment and revealing she was only a pawn in his plans against Andrés.


  • This is the only antagonistic role of Lourdes Munguía.
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