The Office of Naval Intelligence, abbreviated as ONI, is a controversial organization within the Halo universe. They are a division of the UNSC Navy that operates as an intelligence service. Though under the Navy's jurisdiction, ONI reports directly to the UNSC's High Command.

ONI is responsible for things such as counter-espionage and propaganda. They operate independently from other UNSC branches, though they will occasionally employ members from other branches to carry out their missions.

They have four primary subdivisions: ONI Sections Zero One, Two and Three. ONI Section One concerns itself with military intelligence and espionage. ONI Section Two controls information, and perpetuates propaganda to boost morale. ONI Section Three oversees the UNSC's special projects and the organization's that conduct them. Finally, ONI Section Zero, the most secretive ONI division, is involved in internal affairs and policing all of the other ONI Divisions. Their existence is relatively unknown to those outside ONI.

ONI serve as the main antagonists of the HUNT the TRUTH miniseries leading up to the events Halo 5: Guardians.

Known Members

  • Margaret Parangonsky - Commander-in-Chief (formerly)
  • Serin Osman - Commander-in-Chief
  • James Ackerson - Colonel
  • Jameson Locke - Lieutenant Commander


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