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Officer "Needlenose" Norton

Officer "Needlenose" Norton (also known as Officer Norton or Norton) is a minor antagonist in Bride of Chucky. He is a corrupt police officer for the Lockport PD working under Chief Warren Kincaid.

He was portrayed by Michael Louis Johnson.


Norton is paid extra money by Warren Kincaid to follow Jade and Jesse. One time, Jesse got annoyed and said he could be a good person but doesn't have to follow them all the time. Norton then revealed it's all for more money. He then began investigating Jesse's Van and before he could find the body of Warren underneath the dolls, Chucky threw a bag of marijuana at Jesse's seat.

Norton confronted Jesse and pinned him down on the van, telling him his in a lot of trouble when Jesse called it bullshit, saying he knows it's not his. Officer Norton ordered Jesse to stay there then returned to his Police Car. Chucky went in his vehicle too, setting the towel on fire, as Norton was smoking too and he smelled fire. Before he could escape his death, he sees the dolls waving goodbye at him, he then screams as the car blew up which resulted in his death. Jesse and Jade were blamed for the murder of him as well as other victims that Chucky and Tiffany actually killed.


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