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Officer Coffey is a minor villain in the 1991 drama film Boyz N The Hood. He is played by Jessie Lawrence Ferguson.


Officer Coffey is first seen with his partner responding to a burglary that took place in Furious Styles' house. He argues with Furious, stating that he should have killed the burglar, so it would be "one less nigga out in the streets we have to worry about". He later asks if something is wrong, to which Furious replies that there is, but that it's too bad he doesn't know what it is. Furious walks away, while Coffey looks at him in anger.

Officer Coffey is later seen pulling over Tre and Ricky, who were driving home from Crenshaw. While frisking Tre, he turns him around aggressively and holds him at gunpoint, where he proceeds to taunt him, explaining that he became a cop because he hates black people, and wonders if Tre is part of a gang. Dispatch reports a possible 187, causing Coffey to back off of Tre. This event leads to Tre later having a mental breakdown at Brandi's house.