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Officer Danny Shaw is a character featured in Need for Speed: Heat as a police officer for the Eden shores police department. He is a minor character who is seen in a cutscene, and then seen in an ambush mission where you have to beat his car.


He is portrayed in a similar light of Sergeant Cross from the older Need For Speed title, Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005), with similar personalities. He is feisty, angry, effeminate, sarcastic, insulting, and aggressive. He mocks Ana, and the Player while impounding Ana’s Nissan 350z whole asking then for ID in the process, and appears to yell a lot. 

He appears to love street racing and cars on the side, and hopes of being able to bring every street racer in Palm City into the chop shop so he can drive them at one point. Using his police powers to be able to drive them.

He is considered one of Frank Mercer’s loyal assistants and strives to get his approval, and he drives a Chevorlet Camero 2015. Like Mercer, since he drives a completely different vehicle than that deployed by the actual police department themselves, he nor Mercer appear in pursuits as actual units.


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