Officer Ethan Smith is the main antagonist of the 2015 live-action film The Marine 4: Moving Target. He is a police officer and agent, but is also a member of Genesis Defence Coop., and is Andrew Vogel's secret boss.

He is portrayed by Matthew MacCaull.


He at first pretends to assist his partner, Jake Carter, on his job to protect Tanis. However, he later was revealed to work with Genesis Defence Coop., as he called Andrew Vogel and ordered him to capture the girl. However, after he and his mercenaries failed, due to Jake and Olivia Tanis escaping on a boat, he got mad at Andrew for his failure in duty. He then drove a car with his mercenaries inside, heading to his police department. The police had to arrest Jake and Olivia, because he phoned them and ordered them to do so. When he got there, he ordered his mercenaries not to shoot any of the police, so he could secretly assasinate Olivia. He then ordered one of his cops to phone a detective. Before he could phone, however, the mercenaries came into the scene too early, and shot some cops, including the cop on the phone. Ethan managed to destroy a whole police station, and kill the detective. Jake and Olivia escaped and Ethan + his goons got into their car, to chase the protagonists. However, Jake and Olivia manage to escape, and Ethan has no choice but to chase them through the woods at the following day. On the next day in the early morning, Ethan and his mercenaries come into the woods, as he tracks the footsteps which left blood. He eventually found Jake and Olivia, and lead his mercenaries through a rough battle. He got hold of Olivia, and ordered Jake to drop the gun, thus pointing his gun on Olivia. He then pushes Olivia aside, and fights Jake, thus almost choking him to death. However, he gets shot to death by Olivia, and following these events, Genesis Defence Coop., gets shut down.


He is a terrorist with high-skills and delusional ambitions, as he was prepared to destroy whatever stood in his way, so he could remain in duty and not be caught.


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