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Officer Jonathan Krackney is a supporting antagonist in the The Simpsons episode The Seven-Beer Snitch.

He was voiced by the late Charles Napier, who also played Marshall Murdock in Rambo: First Blood Part II.


He is a guard at the Montgomery Burns State Prison which took the place of the Springfield Concert Hall after it was closed down due to dislike of classic music. Mr. Burns hired him as a default guard to give new guards a test. Homer was very close to passing but failed when Otto discovered that his urine sample was full of drugs and switched the label on his with's Homer's. Homer then failed and then got so mad he kicked a bottle in the street five times and was arrested for illegal litter transport.

Soon, Krackney decided to have Homer become a full-time snitch after Homer reports Snake's close escape. Krackney then gives Homer a TV and a bunch of other devices to improve his time in jail but all the prisoners are bothered by the snitching of Homer and they all plan to kill him.

Snake and Fat Tony then tell Homer that there will be a jail break out at night and Homer reports it and all the other guards quickly fall for it.

Homer is then left in the prison running from the angry prisoners but Marge, Mr. Burns, Governor Bailey, Mr. Smithers, and Krackney save Homer and Homer decides to use his snitching powers for good.


  • He killed his own father when he was a child.


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