Officer Vern LeFlore is a character in the comedy movie Meet the Fockers, played by Tim Blake Nelson.


In the movie, LeFlore is an overzealous, corrupt deputy sheriff who abuses his power and arrests Greg and Bernie Focker on trumped-up charges, then tasers Greg, when he stops them during the Fockers' chase after Jack Byrnes.

When Jack returns and sees the Fockers being abused by LeFlore, he stops and asks what's going on. LeFlore demands to see Jack's ID and Jack shows him his CIA badge, then tells LeFlore to stand down, but the crooked deputy ignores him and, in another display of abuse of power, tasers him as well, then has the local Social Services take Jack's grandson into custody.

LeFlore gets his comeuppance later when Judge Ira, a local judge and a client of Bernie's wife, massage therapist Roz Focker, releases Bernie, Greg and Jack from custody and informs them that LeFlore has been fired from the Sheriff's Office and charged with corruption and police brutality for his actions.

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