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What a fruitcake.
~ Officer Marvin

Officer Marvin is a supporting antagonist in Texas Chainsaw 3D. He is one of Burt Hartman's vigilantes and a corrupt police officer.

He was portrayed by James MacDonald.



Little about Marvin's past is known at all, but it can be assumed that he lived in Texas for either most of or all his life and joined the Newt police station where he was corrupted by Burt Hartman.

He was first seen after the events of the original film, the people of Newt, Texas including Marvin burned down the farmhouse of the Sawyer family for their role in aiding Jedidiah "Jed" Sawyer, also known as "Leatherface" in several vigilante murders. The arsonists are celebrated as heroes in the town and the entire family is presumed dead, not knowing Leatherface escaped and an infant Heather Miller was adopted after her mother was killed by Hartman.

Texas Chainsaw 3D

Years had passed, he was sent by Mayor Hartman to the Sawyer-Carson house to kill Leatherface against Sheriff Hooper's orders. While looking for Leatherface, Marvin is startled and accidentally kills Nikki. He is ordered to leave the house immediately before being ambushed by Leatherface and violently stabbed to death with a hatchet in his kitchen.


  • Despite being a relatively minor antagonist within the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, Officer Marvin has one of the highest kill counts in the series, only beaten by Leatherface himself. He's partially responsible for the killings of eight of the Sawyer Clan as well as accidentally shooting Nikki when she startled him by jumping out of a fridge, giving him more kills than three versions of Leatherface in their respective timelines.

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