Ogden is a character of Touch Detective, and is the main antagonist of the the episode 2: Disappearance. The truth hidden in the cosmos.


Ogden is a serious astronomer and the director of the Planetarium. He loves too see the stars in the Planetarium. He met Lynsey, a little girl whom he befriends with. She feels lonely, and needs friends. Ogden, however, who only care with planetarium, instead lures Penelope and brainwashed her into Lynsey's "doll" named Lynette to play with.

Later, he met Mackenzie, whom suspicious with his erratic and temperamental behavior. He even forbade her to explore entire Planetarium, something which made her realized that something was not right. Her suspicion toward him intensifies when she caught him bought dresses which suit for Penelope in Naked Bones clothing boutique.

Ultimately, Ogden's true nature revealed when Mackenzie found Penelope in the secret room, freeing her and damaging the Planetarium to cover their escape. Ogden is shocked to see the Planetarium stopping to work and doesn't pay attention to the two until he hears Lynsey arguing with them. He becomes furious and tries to catch them, reveals that he will brainwash her as well. Mackenzie, however, throws a banana peel and Ogden slips on it, opening the path to their escape. Later on, Ogden is then taken by the police to be questioned.


After taken by police, he was presumably sentenced to jail while Planetarium is closed down due to its mechanical failure.

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