The Ogrons are a race of humanoid aliens from Doctor Who that are described as a mix of both human and more primitive ape DNA - though they have evolved traits far superior to either, though they are often depicted as rather limited in intellect despite these great physical attributes.

As a whole the Ogrons tend towards lending themselves as enforcers and mercenaries to other species or individuals - surprisingly one of the Ogrons more frequent masters are the Daleks, who employ the Ogrons as enforcers despite Daleks having a well-known desire to exterminate all other species.




Ogrons are many times stronger than an adult human and durable enough to withstand numerous gunshots - they have a weak point, however, in their head.

while usually depicted as somewhat unintelligent they are shown as capable mimics and as such can use weapons such as laser-guns and even operate computers and starcraft (suggesting far greater intelligence than they give off at first glance).


  • The Ogrons are very similar in mannerisms to early depictions of Klingons from Star Trek, they also have a similar appearance to the revamped Klingons but predate them (the Klingon redesign occured in 1979 while Ogrons first appeared in 1972).
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