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No one asked for your pity, Picard, just as no one asked for your help. You and Starfleet had no understanding of Romulan ingenuity, resolve, self-sufficiency! You took advantage of us at the very moment where we doubted ourselves, enticed us with your empty promises, and did everything in your power to scatter, confuse, and divide us!
~ Adrev confronting Picard.

Oh was a female Romulan / Vulcan hybrid introduced in the Star Trek: Picard episode Maps and Legends.

A member of the Romulan secret Zhat Vash group, she took place in receiving the Admonition, which was apparently a warning from an ancient race regarding the creation of synthetic life.

After Noonien Soong created androids such as Lore, Data, and B4 Oh was sent to infiltrate Starfleet. Oh helped orchestrate the 2385 attack that devastated Mars and destroyed the Starfleet shipyards located there. Rising through the ranks by the 2390s she held the rank of Commodore and was the head of Starfleet Security.

Even though she was only half-Vulcan, Oh was able to mind meld and used her abilities to convince Agnes Jurati to do her bidding. Under Oh's influence, Agnes Jurati accompanied Picard on his mission to find Bruce Maddox and find the young android Soji Asha in order to keep her safe. Horrified by what she had seen, upon finding Maddox Jurati murdered him in the hopes of keeping synthetic life from spreading.

Oh also oversaw other Zhat Vash agents such as Narek and his sister Rizzo in an attempt to find the world where Soji and other synthetic life forms had coem from.

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