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Okay, just chill. Let them come to us. We too small for them to paint us on radar, just duck whatever they throw at us an' then get in amongst 'em. An' F***. Them. Up.
~ Oh Father during the attack at the White House.
JESUS F***IN' CHRIST! Watch it, you stupid shit--! NO!
~ Oh Father's last words.

Oh Father is a minor antagonist in the comic book series The Boys. He is a religious corrupt superhero and the organizer of Capes for Christ who sexually abuses his adolescent sidekicks.


Oh Father is first seen at Capes for Christ, praying with his helpers, then lighting a cigar and Homelander shows up telling him to do something about his addiction to his young sidekicks. Oh Father is surprised by his appearance and the two are talking about different things. While watching Starlight's speech, Homelander makes an offer to Oh Father to help him take over the world. Oh Father is surprised by this and seems reluctant about it, but then agrees. He then shows up with the other heroes when Homelander kills a family, and discusses with them a plan to conquer the world.

On the day of the attack, Oh Father and his team of adult sidekicks await Homelander. The journalist then appears and asks Oh Father if it is true that he is raping his young sidekicks. The angry Oh Father hits him, knocking out four of his teeth. Oh Father and other heroes defend Homelander when he attacks the White House. When the air forces come in, he tells other superheroes to calm down and start attacking. However, he is quickly murdered by the military who started firing rockets.


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