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I guess you're not good at listening, either...
~ Oh Sangwoo

Oh Sangwoo is the main antagonist of the 2016 horror manhwa Killing Stalking.


His mother, Eunseo, suffered from mental instabilities and depression even before meeting his father and changed further when she got pregnant with Sangwoo. She tried to abort him several times. His father was affectionate to Sangwoo when he was young and was even willing to take days off work to go out on a picnic with his wife and son several times.

After one picnic, Eunseo tried to smother Sangwoo with a pillow, but his father rescued him and got angry at his mother for trying to kill their son.

Sangwoo grew distrustful when staying alone with Eunseo in the house. He would ask her several times when when his father would come home. His mother got angry at the idea of Sangwoo loving his father more. The moment his father came home, Sangwoo would run to him.

Sangwoo was happy when he was still a fairly average child attending school. Like when he received a love letter from a classmate, and first experienced having feelings for someone.

His father grew distant and abusive towards Eunseo as time passed. Eunseo guilt tripped Sangwoo into protecting her from his father by making them both eat together. Once, she told Sangwoo to come in front of her room and watch her have sexual intercourse with another man.

As revenge for him neglecting and abusing her, Eunsoe began to poison his father's meal with rat poison. After finding out, his father started hitting her before being stopped by Sangwoo after his mother screamed for help. His father fell down and foam came out of his mouth. Next to him was a bottle of rat poison. His mother hugged Sangwoo and guilt tripped him into thinking he killed his father. They both drove to a forest, where his father was hanged to make it look like suicide.

After his father's death, Eunseo saw Sangwoo, who began looking like his father, the same as his father and tried to poison him with rat poison too. He eventually found out and started vomiting after every meal with her. After Sangwoo realized that she was trying to poison him, Eunseo burned him with hot water and tied him up with duct tape in the basement. She told him that she was locked in the basement for days, afraid, and covered with bruises due to her husband and always heard Sangwoo above who never went looking for her despite her cries for help.

She got on top of him and attempted to rape him, but Sangwoo broke free and punched her, picked up the knife that she was holding before and threatened to kill her. She begged for mercy but then told him to die the most painful death possible before impaling her neck on the knife.


He is of above average height and has a lean build. His hair is a light shade of brown with a black undercut. He dyed his hair after graduating high school. His hair was curly, but he later straights it out after killing Bum's Uncle. He then later shaves his head after messing up his hair. He has notable dark circles under his eyes.


In public, he adopts a "happy, energetic" face and is shown to be often smiling, even when making eye-contact with strangers in social surroundings. During his time in the university, he appears to be an extroverted person with a large circle of friends. According to Bum, he attracted many with his "empathetic, considerate, gentle aura". However, these traits mask his true psychopathic, violent and sadistic characteristics. Sangwoo is actually a cruel and ruthless individual who kidnaps, abuses, tortures, rapes and kill people, showing absolutely no mercy to his victims, that, he's totally fine with beating and torturing his victims, even if they're female and/or pleading for their life, not feeling remorse for any of his actions.

A sadistic sociopath who takes pleasure from another human's pain and the control he has over his victims, he is highly narcissistic and looks down on everyone, pretending that he actually cares for others, only to strike them with honest hostility when he feels like it. His emotions, when facing his victims, alternate unpredictably between fake mercy and violent hostility. When speaking to established acquaintances, he teases them in a lighthearted tone, and is never above making better acquaintances with strangers by doing so.

Around his victims, he utilizes demeaning, harsh expletives, berating them with slurs. He tortures his victims slowly, yet with a certain pace, selecting to also coddle them in a manipulative manner with simpering words and conduct before returning to his brutality. Despite the fact that he stated that he doesn't get off guys screaming, he raped Bum three times over the course of the story. Sangwoo is shown in the story and confirmed by Koogi to be heterosexual. He hates gay people, being homophobic to the male victim he brutally killed. His mother's actions caused him to become a misogynist but he's not hesitant about killing men or even children as well.