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Oh Seung-ha (real name:Jung Tae-sung) is villain of 2007 Korean television series The Devil who is lawyer who is kind and genuine but in real life he was master manipulator seeker vengeance against Kang Oh-soo is now police officer for his brother's death.

Childhood and Tragedy

Tae-sung grew up with a poor loving family because his parents were orphans Tae-soo didn’t had relatives after his father’s death, his mother raised him and brother Tae-hoon to survive by work although they were happy shared on dinner. During rainy afternoon when Tae-sung met Seo Hae-in and he gave her for umbrella and until tragedy stikes when Tae-hoon begged his classmates to stop bullying his friend Kim Young-chul, when Kang Oh-soo who was leader of the gang hold the knife which accidentally killed Tae-soo by fall in front of his friends and Young-chul witness the event leaving Tae-soo’s death shocked Tae-sung and their mother. Oh-soo was arrested but realsed on bail thanks by his father’s lawyer who defended him caused Tae-sung’s mother was shocked and killed by truck in front of him. And Oh-soo gulit and become police officer Later he met Oh Seung-ha who lived his blind sister and become friends with him until which clammed his life the old man ask Tae-sung about his real name he said ‘’Oh Seung-ha’’ who take revenge and studied Law, He learns from Young-chul about seeing Tae-hoon's death.


Oh Seung-ha become lawyer who defined the people who commit crimes and everybody praised his kindness but behind the door he was searching his revenge when Kang Oh-soo is now police officer and his friends and Seo Hae-in, a girl whom Tae-sung is a librarian and psychic who tasked for murders

When Oh-soo's ex lawyer is found dead  Seung-ha sees a man who happened be killer of lawyer was crying and confsed it.

He smirked to see Oh-soo was trembled by fear and face the flashback about Tae-soo's death with his friends and Oh Soo 's sister in law who had affair with.

He was present for Soon-ki's death.


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