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Tsuru tsuru! A crane (tsuru) lives for 1000 years but it is a lie tsuru. Turtle.
~ Oil Banki's final words before his destruction.

The Oil Banki is an oil-themed robot that was created by Kegalesia. He's the main antagonist in episode 16 of 2008 TV series called Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

He is voiced by Taketora who later voiced Kugutsukai, the Zan-KT series and Sugoroku Ninja Ikkakusai.


The Oil Banki made his first appearance when he was created by Kegalesia at the Hellgaile Palace and he was tasked to defeat the Go-Ongers.

A while later he appeared in the human realm as he manage to grow to giant size prompting the team to bring out the Engine-Oh G6 however during the initial fight he used oily ability to caused the Megazord to slip and slide all over the place then he used his other ability to separate the zords. As he was about to finish them off he was then bombarded by Toripter and Jetaras after that he was then set on fire causing him to retreat the battle.

A while later the Oil Banki return to Hellgaile Palace to say the prime ministers that he failed his objective, so Hiramechimedes asks if he can take over Oil Banki to which Kegaleshia refuses, but she'd lets him anyways. A while later Hiramechimedes upgrades the Oil Banki, but he seemingly has no change.

He then returns to the human realm once again as a giant, but this time thanks to Hiramechimedes he was then granted the ability to fly as he battles the Wing Engines. So when the two Megazords showed up he fired out his oil prompting the team slip around, but they brought a mop to clean up his mess after that he was then destroyed by Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh.

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