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Oingo, (Zenyatta in the English dub), is the elder brother of Boingo and is an assassin wanting to kill Jotaro in the manga, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (specifically, the third story Stardust Crusaders). His stand, Khnum, represents one of the nine Egyptian gods of prosperity.


When a young man wanted to buy Boingo's book (actually the stand Thoth), Oingo appears and told him off telling him that it is not for sale. Moments later, the man died by being flung from a bus into a pole. In a resturant in Aswan, following the predictions of Boingo's stand, he and Boingo knock out the owner and Oingo poses as the owner trying to poison Polnareff, Joseph and Jotaro while they are concerned for Kakyoin. Just before the poison could get in, Iggy comes in and the team spits the poisoned tea out and chase him.

While on the move, Oingo sees a disgusting man and decides to punch him in the face. The man drops his wallet full of money and runs away. Oingo then makes a bomb that looks like an orange and plants it for Jotaro who was predicted to eat it. Joseph notices Oingo who quickly changes to Jotaro to fool them. After being delayed for too long, Oingo makes a run for it worried that he will be killed by the bomb. Polnareff throws the orange bomb out and as Oingo thinks that he has won, steps on and sets off the bomb injuring him. Then he and Boingo are beaten up badly by the disgusting man and his friends then sent to the hospital.

Powers and Abilities

Oingo's stand, Khnum, allows Oingo to change his facial features, as well as mimicking the voice and scent of the person he is imitating.





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