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The Old Lady is the main antagonist from the 2012 computer-animated short film Slug Invasion. She is a nameless, silent and old gardener who constantly tries to wipe out all of the slugs from her garden.


As soon as Sarge's group of slug soldiers begin their attack, the old lady notices them and realizes that they want to take control over her new flower. Her counterstrike is extremely ruthless and destructive: stabbing slugs on a sharp hole, followed by dropping salt on them. So she finishes around half of the soldiers without even being harmed, as she does not feel their systematic shooting, which makes her a really powerful, notorious, pernicious, malignant and redoubted enemy.

Tired from beating back the attack, the old lady sits down by a garden table and makes some tea. Suddenly, she accidentally drops her spoon, right next to Sarge, Newbie, and Medic who are trying to sneak around her. Luckily, she does not notice them.

After that, the old lady shows her most vicious and dangerous weapon ever called the lawn mower. The slug army has only one chance to survive - flee as fast as possible. In no time, the Old Lady immediately manages to kill many slugs, including Medic. However, before she can reach running Newbie, Sarge is able to climb on the mower and pull her leg hair, forcing the old lady to lose control of her vehicle and crush into a garden house, disabling herself.

Although Sarge dies during the action, Newbie and the rest of the soldiers eventually reach the flower - only to see the old lady survived the attack and is now ready to strike back. Encouraged, Newbie replaces Sarge (who was killed) and leads his army to kill their enemy once and for all.


The Old Lady is a hateful, cruel, ruthless and destructive old gardener who has an urge to disintegrate all of the slugs in her garden.

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