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Well, first I just hootynanied up a bio mechanical brain-wave generator, and then I learned how to operate a stick shift with my beard.
~ Old Man McGucket
When Gravity Falls and Earth becomes sky fear the beast with just one eye.
~ A younger McGucket after seeing what's on the other side of the portal

Fiddleford Hadron "Old Man" McGucket is a major character in the Disney cartoon series Gravity Falls. He is a former collegue of Stanford Pines, as well as a resident and a local kook of the titular town.

He was voiced by series creator Alex Hirsch, who also voiced Bill Cipher, Dippy Fresh, and Stanley Pines in the same series.


Old Man McGucket is a bald old man with a long white beard with a band-aid which can be used as a limb, blue eyes, and many missing teeth and one gold tooth in his mouth. He has a large, pink nose with a few warts on it, and a cast on his right arm, white bandages around his feet. McGucket also wears an old brown hat that he got from a scarecrow, and brown clothes.


Old Man McGucket being exposed in one of his plans.

McGucket may seem like a normal, everyday, average Joe Gravity Falls citizen, but he has had many antagonist roles, primarily in the episode "Legend of the Gobblewonker". He might also be considered mentally ill by making up words, leading to neologism. He also caused havoc with mechanical creations, this and him making elixirs leads to believe that he's a genius.

McGucket afraid of the bad thing that is coming.

It's revealed in "The Society of the Blind Eye" that when he was a young man, he was a scientist who worked with the Journal's author (Stanford Pines), to catalog his studies and helped build his machine, however tortured by what he had seen, he built a special device to erase his memories. He also founded the Blind Eye Society, a secret society to help people like him forget. However his overuse of the machine, drove him insane, leaving him with no memories before 1982. Without him the order fell into a cult, that dogmatically held all memories of the supernatural must be erased regardless of whether the person in questioned wanted them gone or not.

It is revealed that Bill Cipher's chaotic mind on attempting to destroy universe into tricking both McGucket and Stanford to do his bidding, then the disappearance of Stanford himself of being sucked into the portal where Bill was sealed, was the reason behind McGucket's insanity, turning him into what he is now. Once he fully recovered his memory and Stanford's return, in the same time during a Weirdmageddon event, McGucket quickly forgives Stanford for the failure they had tried to prevent Cipher from entering their world and destroy the universe.

Villainous Acts

  • Making the Gobblewonker just to get attention.
  • Almost risking Mabel, Soos, and Dipper's lives with Gobblewonker.
  • Destroyed half the town with an 80 ton 'shame bot' because a friend of his didn't come to his retirement party.
  • Making a homicidal pterodactyl because his wife left him.
  • Deliberately scaring little children.
  • Trying to eat Soos who was in Waddles the pig's body, after Soos got his body back, he still tried to eat him.
  • Building a giant Gideon robot for Li'l Gideon.
  • Made a Memory gun and then allowed it to fall into the wrong hands.


I've tried forgettin'. Maybe I should try forgiving. Come here old friend.
~ Old Man McGucket forgiving Ford.
My name is Fiddleford Hadron McGucket, and I wish to unsee what I have seen! For the past year I have been working as an assistant for a visiting researcher. He has been cataloging his findings about Gravity Falls in a series of journals. I helped him build a machine which he believed could benefit mankind. But something went wrong! I decided to quit the project, but I lie awake at night, haunted by the thoughts of what I'd done. I believe I have invented a machine that can permanently erase memories from my mind. Test subject one: Fiddleford. (Static) It worked! I can't recall a thing! (Static) I call it the Society of the Blind Eye.
~ Young Fiddleford McGucket making the Memory Erasing Gun.



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